Eye of the Storm: January 24, 2020
I was at Goddess I Am for a meditation. I arrived early and started jotting messages that began flowing into my awareness:
January 24, 2020
Change. Move things. Change things. This allows for different vibrational paths to flow. As rain rushes to lower ground, a new niche is created, making a discernible path for others to follow. 
This, too, is true with all things. Make it up, and it will flow. All energy is vital; it is alive. Learn to think and see differently. Think of all energy as moving, living entities, for this is the jump-start to manifestation.
Learning to recognize energies comes first, then manipulating the energy. It goes hand-in-hand with the new world, this new universe that 2020 brings. 
Learn to mix things up. Change things, and you will see new paths open for you. As you make new paths, you open the way for others to follow, and as others follow, a new dynamic emerges. But if you remain cognizant of energy, your path of integrity will become more pronounced.
Bless change, embrace change, make new paths. Bring forth the energy of power, the energy of strength, and allow those frequencies to embed themselves within your field of energy. 
I saw myself standing in a torus field, my hair blowing within this whirlwind. I felt alive, more alive than I have in months. I knew these newer energies were washing over me, strengthening me. I was ready for 2020. Bring it on!

My take-away from the experience was learning to release fear. Let doubt drop from your existence. Trust that you will see what you need to see, hear what you need to hear, feel what you need to feel.
Life sometimes comes at us, full force. It can knock us off our feet if we aren’t prepared. But, this guidance was telling me something different. Go with the flow. Let your hair blow in the winds of life. 
Let life’s ups and downs bring you, heart to heart, with your true essence. Look inside and find that inner child who rushes into the center of a storm. Go with the flow. Sometimes we have to fight the winds of change to find peace that lies in the eye of the hurricane.


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