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Swinger of Birches

Swinger of Birches Goddess I Am: 08-31-2018 I entered Goddess I Am and took a seat. Music played in the background, and I saw how the melody served as a magnet, pulling energy to the center of the room. Not only was it attracting energy, but somehow I knew it was organizing the vibrations for the meditation. Loose threads came together in preparation for making a new pattern out of all there is. As I watched this in my mind’s eye, shapes that looked like large padded buttons (that I later discovered were flat, circular seat cushions) began to float down from the top of the room. When these shapes spread across the floor, I understood that the elements of these visions were clearing the space and allowing a “settling in” of all the energy in order to create a harmonious pattern of conducive for the meditative experience.  I noticed movement, and like a time-lapsed movie from the Nature Channel, I watched a beautiful white birch tree began to grow from the center of the roo
The Eyes of the Heart Church of Spiritual Light: January 7, 2019 This was the first Crystal Bowl/Reiki meditation for 2019. I entered the room and walked to my usual spot; it’s close to a dim light—one of the few lights that remain on during the meditation—and just bright enough for me to see as I journal my experiences. As soon as I settled, I received information about the “Sea of Life.”  In my mind’s eye, I found myself plunged in a trough of deep waves in the middle of the ocean; I was flailing and clearly in danger. The saying about smooth waters do not make skillful sailors came to mind, and with that thought, my vision immediately panned back until I had an aerial view. It was odd to see the “me” in the vision who was struggling, yet the “me” observing felt safe. Another wave came but this was a wave of panic for the me in the vision. Words from the messengers entered my awareness, and my fears dissipated like feathers in a brisk wind.  Let go. Let yourself go in

Spirit of the Season: January 2019

Spirit of the Season Goddess I Am Meditation: 01-04-2019 This is a new year, and time to embrace the change. For today’s meditation, we listened to  Spirit of the Season , a Hemi-Sync selection that guided us to dissolve into our own inner spaces while we meditated and connected with our inner crystal spirit—a snowflake. As I was preparing for this meditation, I recalled an experience about seeing snowflakes during a crystal bowl/Reiki experience a few years before. I wrote about this in  The Reluctant Messenger—Tales from Beyond Belief: December 3, 2015 As I listened to the celestial harmonies of the crystal bowls, the vision changed, and crystalline starbursts formed above each meditation participant. These bright white patterns of light resembled iridescent snowflakes suspended in a dark blue night sky. I was told that these intricate patterns represented fragments of the divine spark of Source—alive, vibrant, and unique to each individual’s energy field. These