Goddess I Am Meditation: 10-19-18
I settled into a space before the meditation began, and right away I began to perceive energy. I saw horizontal layers of pastel clouds of energy. There were seven or eight layers, and every other layer flowed in opposite directions. This was a gentle, loving motion that reminded me of a mother rocking a newborn.
I smelled the unmistakable scent of roses. As this permeated the air, I felt and then saw Mother Mary enter. As her presence flooded the room, the rose fragrance changed to a mist, and it rained down on the room. 
The clouds dissipated; they had served their purpose of bringing in this divine love, this divine energy from Mother Mary. I heard these words:
The foundation is now set. The protections are now in place for healing. This healing will carry all throughout the day and into weeks to come. 
In my mind’s eyes, I saw a bathtub. It had claw feet and it appeared to be made of brass or copper. I saw each of meditation participants sink into t…
Church of Spiritual Light, Crystal Bowls/Reiki: 10-15-18
Before the meditation began, I saw a path carved out of a dense jungle or forest; it was inlaid with crystals. I saw a white tiger walking stealthily on this trail as I heard the following:
This is a holy path, one that connects the spirit world with the physical world. Follow the tiger and step upon this path of wisdom. For those who are on this path have stepped into the timeless wisdom of the Garden of Eden. It is outside of time where ordinary is no longer ordinary. 
The eye of the tiger: follow the eye of the tiger.
As I glanced at the inlaid crystal path something changed. The jewels morphed from crystal clear to multi-colored. An understanding swept over me and I realized the path represented the chakras (energy centers) within the body. I had a knowing that humanity has only begun to understand the chakra system. It is much more complex than we can even imagine. As we evolve, so will our understanding of how to use these en…
Church of Spiritual Light Opening Prayer: 10-06-18
Before the opening of the monthly Holistic Fair, Reverend Bledsoe let us in an opening prayer. As we stood in a circle, hands held, I felt intense, searing energy on the bottoms of my feet. It felt as if my feet were ablaze. In my mind’s eye, I saw this energy go deep into Earth. It reached the center of Earth and then it looped back into my feet. I knew this was occurring for everyone in the circle.
There was a sound as the energy seemed to smack back into the soles of our feet. As this happened, I had a vision that the bottoms of our feet were changing, and as we walked away from this prayerful circle, we would leave rainbow imprints where our feet touched Earth. A message began.

As you walk this path of wisdom, know that you, indeed, leave footprints. This is the path of the Beauty Way. Walking on this path of wisdom leads you to your Truth, but you, too, lead the way. It is a collective effort, meant to bring forth the seeds of wisd…
Goddess I AM Luminosity: 10-05-18
Before the meditation began, I saw a shower of bright gold raindrops. It sprinkled down over the room like a gentle spring shower. The room began to fill with this energy, and soon the floor looked like a small golden lake. Its surface danced with lights, shimmering as if it were alive, casting sparkles of light across the room. 
I had a difficult time concentrating because the golden shower continued as people entered the room and introductions began. A message began:
The golden drops of rain replenish the spirit just as a fresh spring rain replenishes a parched Earth, giving sustenance for growth. 
As these words poured forth, I saw a seed in the ground. Like time-lapsed photography, I saw a small root begin to grow, anchoring it within the deep, rich rain-soaked soil. There was movement at the top of the seedpod as the plant began to sprout. It breached the shell of the seedpod and began to grow upward. I knew that this vision represented an example o…
Church of Spiritual Light: 10-01-18
Moments before the meditation began, I had a vision of a giant turtle, and I heard, “Turtle Island.”  
Rebalance. This is balancing the very foundation of your soul. Just as a turtle crawls upon the Earth, dragging its massive belly, there is a constant tug and connection to the grounding energies of Mother Earth. 
The turtle is sure of its path. Its movement may be slow, but it is sure of the path. Its movement is purposeful, directed, and full of intent. 
I saw and felt a streak of light come from above and enter the top of my head. I felt as this massive energy pierced my body and reached my feet. I felt my body begin to melt, and soon within this vision, I had transformed into a what appeared to be a sheet of ice. Somehow, this was related the path of the turtle and the grounding energies to Mother Earth.
I listened and felt the vibrations from the crystal bowls. After several minutes, I had a vision of Mother Mary standing behind me. She was look…
Goddess I Am: 9-28-18
Before the meditation began, I saw broad streamers coming from above. These belts of energy were pink, and some were pink with a tinge of orange. There were golden threads on the edges of these energy ribbons. From a previous meditation, I understood that these represented Beth’s energy field. 
At the ground level, purple and violet colored bands of energy (representing Panache) began weaving across the floor. This represented a new foundation for Goddess I Am. When they connected with the streamers from Beth, a bubble was formed, encompassing the room. 
This colorful orb began to lift off, and I understood that we were no longer tethered to the 3D world of physicality. Within moments, the orb morphed into a beautiful iridescent bubble. Its rainbow sheen brightened everything around it. It floated upward, and then it separated into smaller orbs. I understood that these individual orbs represented us—the people in attendance. Each orb drifted into a space that was…
Goddess I Am Meditation: 09-22-2018
Beth begins the meditation by asking us to do a few rounds of deep breathing. As I did so, I felt intense tingling in the bottoms of my feet. As I inhaled, I saw golden sparkles enter the soles of my bare feet. This energy seemed to be coming from deep within the Earth. As I looked closer, I noticed there were tendrils of energy at the bottoms of my feet. These tendrils reached deep into the Earth’s crust and through the mantle until they reached the center of Earth where a giant crystal glowed and pulsated at its core, beating with the knowledge of the foundation of our true essence. I understood that this represented our connection to the divine feminine, our connection to our Great Source, the heart of Gaia, the heart of Mother Earth. The tendrils wrapped around the Earth’s crystal core, like gently arms hugging their mother.
I continued to breathe deeply, the scintillating flashes continued upward with each inhalation until my entire body was co…