Goddess I Am, Pyramid Power: 11-09-2018
I walked into the meditation room at Goddess I Am. Beth had a copper pyramid that was in the center of the room. The energy vibrations from it brought a sense of excitement to the room. I could feel energy emanating from it as waves swished from above it as well as below. I began to feel energy moving from the pyramid’s base. It was as if a sheet of ice began to cover the floor. 
I was sitting in one of the chairs that surrounded the pyramid. As I touched it with my bare feet, I felt tingling in my feet as the energy moved up through my body. It shot out through the top of my head, and then I heard the word “connection.”
I had a understanding that this energy connected to the crystalline grid that covers Earth. I head the following message:
You are the connectors to help Mother Earth while she transcends into a new dimensional space. This place (referring to Goddess I Am) is bringing a stronger vibration into its core as it traverses the sacred jo…
Church of Spiritual Light: 11-05-18 A Different Type of PodCast
I entered the room for the mediation and discovered things had been rearranged. The crystal bowls were now located in the very center of the room with the lounge chairs encircling them. I settled quickly and quietly into my chair. It seemed like it was just seconds later that the images began to form in my mind. Each lounge chair became a seed pod; it looked like a milkweed pod. There was an opening in the top of the pod, just a perfect amount of space for each person to settle into this cocoon-type pod. It was soft inside and I felt an almost-overwhelming sense of love, security, and protection while also feeling nourished. 
I had a realization as I heard the words “unity” and “wholeness” echo in my mind: this new circular arrangement of the room added to a sense of harmony and accord. There was now energy vibrational matching and completion that was not present before. 
Even before the meditation began, the seed pod began…
Church of Spiritual Light: 09-04-2017
I came across a notebook this weekend. As I thumbed through the pages, I realized I had documented some meditative experiences that I had not yet transcribed. This is one from September of 2017. 
I had the following experience while at Crystal Bowl/Reiki Meditation at the Church of Spiritual Light in Fort Myers. I saw a shaman standing on top of a step pyramid in Mexico. In his right hand, he held a lightning bolt. He was summoning powerful energies from throughout the universe. 
As this occurred, I saw a gentle rain fall on each person who was there for the meditation. As the Reiki Masters went to each person to administer healing, I felt as if a smooth, cold rock had been placed on the center of my forehead. I had the impression that it was rock from a riverbed, a rock that had been smoothed by racing waters for hundreds of years. 
Several more minutes into the meditation, I felt this rock move up to the top of my head and then back down toward t…
Goddess I Am Meditation: 10-26-18 A Star is Born
Minutes before the meditation began, as I sat in the room, I felt a little “edgy.” I soon found out why: the energy in the room was popping and snapping. It felt like a flurry of popcorn bursting through their hard shells. The energy in the room was lively, and soon the popcorn image was replaced with firecrackers and sparklers. 
Beth entered the room and I watched the energy immediately settle down. Before beginning the meditation, she went to each person and using a shaman’s rattle, she shook the rattle to loosen the energy around each person’s energy field. As this happened, I could only shake my head in disbelief as I realized I had just witnessed the effects of her snapping, popping rattle several minutes before it occurred in the physical dimension.
As she began the meditation, I saw a vision that I had previously had in September 2015. I saw hundreds of thousands of diamonds scattered on a black fabric that stretched for miles. I n…
Goddess I Am Meditation: 10-19-18
I settled into a space before the meditation began, and right away I began to perceive energy. I saw horizontal layers of pastel clouds of energy. There were seven or eight layers, and every other layer flowed in opposite directions. This was a gentle, loving motion that reminded me of a mother rocking a newborn.
I smelled the unmistakable scent of roses. As this permeated the air, I felt and then saw Mother Mary enter. As her presence flooded the room, the rose fragrance changed to a mist, and it rained down on the room. 
The clouds dissipated; they had served their purpose of bringing in this divine love, this divine energy from Mother Mary. I heard these words:
The foundation is now set. The protections are now in place for healing. This healing will carry all throughout the day and into weeks to come. 
In my mind’s eyes, I saw a bathtub. It had claw feet and it appeared to be made of brass or copper. I saw each of meditation participants sink into t…
Church of Spiritual Light, Crystal Bowls/Reiki: 10-15-18
Before the meditation began, I saw a path carved out of a dense jungle or forest; it was inlaid with crystals. I saw a white tiger walking stealthily on this trail as I heard the following:
This is a holy path, one that connects the spirit world with the physical world. Follow the tiger and step upon this path of wisdom. For those who are on this path have stepped into the timeless wisdom of the Garden of Eden. It is outside of time where ordinary is no longer ordinary. 
The eye of the tiger: follow the eye of the tiger.
As I glanced at the inlaid crystal path something changed. The jewels morphed from crystal clear to multi-colored. An understanding swept over me and I realized the path represented the chakras (energy centers) within the body. I had a knowing that humanity has only begun to understand the chakra system. It is much more complex than we can even imagine. As we evolve, so will our understanding of how to use these en…
Church of Spiritual Light Opening Prayer: 10-06-18
Before the opening of the monthly Holistic Fair, Reverend Bledsoe let us in an opening prayer. As we stood in a circle, hands held, I felt intense, searing energy on the bottoms of my feet. It felt as if my feet were ablaze. In my mind’s eye, I saw this energy go deep into Earth. It reached the center of Earth and then it looped back into my feet. I knew this was occurring for everyone in the circle.
There was a sound as the energy seemed to smack back into the soles of our feet. As this happened, I had a vision that the bottoms of our feet were changing, and as we walked away from this prayerful circle, we would leave rainbow imprints where our feet touched Earth. A message began.

As you walk this path of wisdom, know that you, indeed, leave footprints. This is the path of the Beauty Way. Walking on this path of wisdom leads you to your Truth, but you, too, lead the way. It is a collective effort, meant to bring forth the seeds of wisd…