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Goddess I Am: 9-28-18
Before the meditation began, I saw broad streamers coming from above. These belts of energy were pink, and some were pink with a tinge of orange. There were golden threads on the edges of these energy ribbons. From a previous meditation, I understood that these represented Beth’s energy field. 
At the ground level, purple and violet colored bands of energy (representing Panache) began weaving across the floor. This represented a new foundation for Goddess I Am. When they connected with the streamers from Beth, a bubble was formed, encompassing the room. 
This colorful orb began to lift off, and I understood that we were no longer tethered to the 3D world of physicality. Within moments, the orb morphed into a beautiful iridescent bubble. Its rainbow sheen brightened everything around it. It floated upward, and then it separated into smaller orbs. I understood that these individual orbs represented us—the people in attendance. Each orb drifted into a space that was…
Goddess I Am Meditation: 09-22-2018
Beth begins the meditation by asking us to do a few rounds of deep breathing. As I did so, I felt intense tingling in the bottoms of my feet. As I inhaled, I saw golden sparkles enter the soles of my bare feet. This energy seemed to be coming from deep within the Earth. As I looked closer, I noticed there were tendrils of energy at the bottoms of my feet. These tendrils reached deep into the Earth’s crust and through the mantle until they reached the center of Earth where a giant crystal glowed and pulsated at its core, beating with the knowledge of the foundation of our true essence. I understood that this represented our connection to the divine feminine, our connection to our Great Source, the heart of Gaia, the heart of Mother Earth. The tendrils wrapped around the Earth’s crystal core, like gently arms hugging their mother.
I continued to breathe deeply, the scintillating flashes continued upward with each inhalation until my entire body was co…
Goddess I Am Meditation: September 21, 2018
I walked into the mediation room early; I was the second person to arrive. I sat down, and immediately messages began to flow.
Unconditional love. It is the unconditional love between friends, love between pets and people, love between acquaintances where at subtle connections exist that cannot be identified by the physical senses. 
It is the unconditional love between Mother Earth and her inhabitants. The unconditional love among the stars, planets, and the galaxies of the cosmos.
We are all connected, at one with the universe. Breathe deeply and allow the divine connections to flow as it touches each cell in our bodies and each molecule of those cells in our bodies.
Breathe deeply and allow denser energies to be transformed. Watch as these lower vibrational energies ramp up to the beauty of the unity of oneness.
As I wrote this last sentence, I had a vision of a beautiful crystalline rose that opened at the top of the room. It floated down in …
Church of Spiritual Light: September 16, 2018
Before the began, I saw an image of a tall glass of clear, bubbly liquid like sparkling water, Sprite/7-Up, or even champaign. The bubbles were gently rising up and releasing. This action refreshed the energy of the room, and I heard the word “effervescent.” 
The bubbles slowly rose and popped on the liquid’s surface. Everything seemed to be in slow motion, and I began to get messages about simplicity in movement. I saw long green stalks from flowers that bent gracefully as if moving in response to a gentle wind. I heard information about everything coming into balance with the room, setting the stage for healing.
I saw slow drifting white clouds set against a bright blue sky. These clouds seemed to drift down to cover the room. It looked like a beautiful snowfall as it filled the room and soften the energy it surrounded. It filled a void in the room, connecting all of the participants. The clouds seemed to issue an invitation for surrende…
Goddess I Am Meditation: 09-14-2018
A few minutes the before the meditation was to begin, I took my seat and closed my eyes. Within seconds, I heard the word “invitation.” With that one word, the messages began to flow like spring water down a mountain side: swift and purposeful.
In my mind’s eye, I saw a closed door. As it slowly opened, it created a vacuum as it pulled energies into the room. This door to spirit seemed to invite these forces into this sacred space, as if they were required for the meditation. The opened door was the invitation, the purpose, for them to enter.
I saw a small wave of energy that looked like the silvery blue water of an ocean’s calm tide as the gentle waves lapped on the warm sands. I watched as this “water” entered this sacred space and fill the room with several inches of cool, calming, grounding energy. Before long, the room was ankle deep and then mid-calf. As the waters continued to enter through this door of spirit, a shift occurred: the room no l…
Goddess I Am: 09-07-2018 I arrived early for the meditation. I slipped into the quiet room where the meditation was to begin. As I took a few deep breaths, messages began to flow. 
It is all about the ying and yang, the checks and balances, that fine line between trust and fear. Learn to walk your path with the eyes of the heart, for your heart will never lead you astray. Trust that each step on that path takes you in the direction of the divine, even though your physical eyes may not comprehend. 
Trust your heart.
In my mind’s eye, I saw energy coming up from deep within the core of the Earth. It rose to a focal point in the center of the room. I watched at it broke through the floor, becoming a beautiful fountain of red water, bubbling forth with power and strength. It looked like a beautiful red rose but made of water. This fountain began to get larger, and as it did so, the water began to splash about the entire room. The water was red, representing the color of blood that courses t…