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Pi Stone Medicine Wheel: 7-29-18 I dreamed about a gigantic stone. It was a disk of rough, brown stone with a hole chiseled through the center. I intuitively knew that this enormous pi stone symbolized the Medicine Wheel, and the opening in the center represented a portal. I saw the stone move. It looked as if an invisible set of hands had picked it up and lodged it into the side of a mountain. This enormous stone began to turn clockwise. I could feel deep rumbling as the wheel slowly cranked. Large boulders that had been dislodged from the turning of the wheel, tumbled down the mountainside almost in slow motion.
As the wheel rotated, I realized the impetus of motion had come from the eastern quadrant. Water began to drip from the center of the stone. The more the disk moved, the faster the water flowed until, after a one-quarter turn, it surged like water through floodgates in a dam.
Next, I saw the crystal mala necklace I had made, only it was enormous. That same set of invisible ha…
Church of Spiritual Light: 07-16-18
I arrived earlier than usual to the meeting and spent a few minutes chatting with Rev. Bledsoe before the crystal bowl/Reiki meditation began. Maribel was sitting in front of the CD player, trying to set up the background music that would lead us into the crystal bowl and Reiki meditation.
After a few minutes, I settled into my space, ready to relax, but the messengers had different ideas. Within a few seconds, the following arrived, apparently in response to the lack of background music.
Dance to the music within, for within, my Love, is where the soul of the music resides.
This messenger must have known that the CD player would not cooperate with us. For the first time since I’d been attending these marvelous meditations, there would be no external background music prior to the crystal bowls.
Take a deep breath and let your body float upon the vibrations and waves of that breath.
At this point, there was a silence that entered the room. I could feel a…
Church of Spiritual Light Reiki/Crystal Bowl Meditation: 05-14-18
As I settled into my space, getting ready for the meditation, I felt a softness that covered the room like a goose down blanket. As I saw this, in my mind’s eye, drift down over the room, it changed the energy, softening the edges of concern and anxiety that had brought some of the participants to this meditation. I had no idea which people had these feelings—I only knew that some did.
Spontaneously, I took a deep breath. As I did so, I felt myself drifting into a serene, peaceful space. I knew this was the Interface between Earth plan reality and another dimension. I’ve been here before. This other dimension is simply another real just beyond the breath.
As I entered this space, I had a vision of a pink material. It looked like a thin sheet of foam, and I watched in amazement as it settled over the goose down blanket that covered the room.
The meditation began and I saw a giant egg that was beginning to crack. I knew that …
Goddess I Am: 07-06-18
I was early, so I slipped back into the room to quiet myself in preparation for Beth’s guided meditation to begin. Within a couple of minutes, I had a vision of a portal opening at the top of the room. I watched as my body morphed into a wisp of smoke and moved through the portal into the ethers. Within moments, I had reached an area I had previously visited: The Realms of Light. This is a space, if you can call it that, where Ascended Masters reside.
The goddess Quan Yin comes forth and speaks of a divine birthing that is taking place on our blue-green planet.
Just as physical birth requires labor and pain, so does this birth, but the end result will be worth the effort. Many upon the Earth plane are confused and in a state of chaos. They are sinking deep within the darkness of their souls. Fear not. When in a space of dark stillness, the senses increase. The human eyes will accommodate in order to prepare to see the Light.
This is all preparation for ascension, …
Church of Spiritual Light Crystal Bowl/Reiki Meditation 07-02-18
Just before the meditation began, a summer storm broke the silence of the room with its loud thunder. In my mind, I heard the words “Power houses” as a messenger came forth:
Open to the power from within. Open to your own power. Reach deep into the Earth for grounding, then take a deep breath and step into the power that is you.
I saw the spirit of White Buffalo Calf Woman as she entered the meditation. The storm outside had escalated. I could hear the wind and the rain as it pelted the roof and the window panes. Lightning lit up the darkened room as if someone had turned on the lights. Thunder clapped above us and rolled in the distance.
The Thunder Beings have arrived.
As clearly as I could see with my physical eyes, I saw a herd of hundreds of buffalo stampeding, creating this thunder that rattled the windows of the Church of Spiritual Light.
Listen to the beat of the Universe. Hear it rumble and feel the vibrations. T…