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February 15, 2019 Wellspring of Wellness: Meditation at Goddess I Am
I arrived thirty minutes early for the meditation and found a comfortable chair. Within moments, the magic started to happen. A deep well filled with a dark thick substance opened in the center of the room. As this formed in my mind’s eye, I began to hear puns about wells: This well was a wellspring of wellness, a deep well of wellbeing. Wellness comes from within.
Shall you not dip into this well? It is from Source. Be not distracted by the comings and goings around you. Look deep within and find that small spark at the Source. Like a diamond, this spark refracts light. Find the light within. Let your light shine where there might appear that there is no light. There is ALWAYS light. 
Let your wellspring of wellness burst forth like water from a dam. Allow wellness to wash over you and cleanse you to brighten your inner star. Allow goodness to permeate your mind, your soul, 
As these words entered my awareness, I exper…
February 1, 2019 Fallen Leaves: Meditation at Goddess I Am
I was early, so waited outside for the doors to be unlocked. As soon as I sat down, the messages began.
It is time to take a deep breath, for within that breath you allow the beauty that surrounds you to blossom forth from within. Taking a contemplative breath allows you to disengage from the automaticity of filters that direct you during the day. It is time to use those filters differently. Engage them purposefully.
When I heard those words, I immediately took a deep breath. Within a few seconds, my perception changed: The cars that zoomed past on the busy street in front of Goddess I Am faded in the background, making room for music from songbirds. I found myself smiling as their melody touched my heart and soul. The noise from the cars continued to recede as the echoes of nature entered my awareness, and soon I found myself surrounded by peace and tranquility.  
I looked to my right and saw several potted plants. Their energy…