Bookmarking Magic

February 22, 2019
Bookmarking Magic: Goddess I Am

The meditation started a little late. It seemed that everyone who attended had something to complain about, including me. We fussed about how hot and humid it was, even though it was only February. We grumbled about the traffic. Our roads are so busy during the winter when our population explodes with the many northern snow birds who come to roost in our lovely subtropical town. Their erratic driving patterns wreak havoc on our once-sleepy little town. 

These grievances seemed to be the backdrop for the message I received, and I quickly transitioned from active complaining to dropping into a state of stillness that allowed me to hear words of wisdom. 

Step into the silence of your Higher Self. Let all the energies from the outside drop away from your heart. As you step into the space of stillness and calm, take a deep breath, for this breath cleanses the channels in the body.

It is a clearing, providing clarity and allowing the flow of divine energies to return to their rightful place. 

As I heard these words, I automatically took a few deep breaths. As I did so, I could feel my body return to a space of balance and equilibrium. After several deep cleansing breaths, the bottoms of my feet began to tingle.

Allow your feet to pull the energies from deep within Mother Earth to you. Allow these energies to flow upward, through the energy channels of your body. 

Action corresponded to the words, and I felt swirls of energy as they permeated my body. These churning waves began to chisel away the chunks of old energy that no longer served me. In my mind’s eye, I saw them break off like dead twigs or branches from a tree in a wind storm. These remnants of energy flooded down my body, through the soles of my bare feet, and into the Earth. They flowed on streams of energy similar to whitewater rapids. These waterfalls continued through the various layers of Earth until they were no longer visible to me. 

I knew that Mother Earth was not just accepting these currents of energy, but She had called them forth. I also understood that these energies would be transformed and transmuted into something more positive, vibrant, and useful for someone or something else. 

As this transformation continued, I felt another sensation within my body: a few inches above my heard, I felt a swirl of energy, like a miniature tornado. It continued through the top of my head until it combined with the newly cleared energy within my body. This must be what the messengers referred to about “allowing the flow of divine energies to return to their rightful place.

Open your channels to connect. This is a realignment of physical and energetic forces. Re-member who you are. Make a bookmark. How do you feel right now? You can re-member this time and place. Use the bookmark to return to this divine space at your choosing. 

The message about the bookmark resonated with me. By bookmarking how I felt, I could return to it. I could literally re-member and summon this space. 

We are in charge of our thoughts and actions. We are in charge of how we react to incoming stimuli, whether it be negative thoughts about our surroundings—the traffic, the temperature, etc. We choose our responses to events, and within those precious moments between the stimulus and our reaction, that is where our wisdom lies. 

We know our triggers, what makes us upset. We also what activates feelings of kindness and gratitude. When events trigger lower emotional responses from us, our bodies begin to respond: the breath quickens, the heart pounds, or you might clinch your teeth or your fists. But, if we would return to a space of wholeness and stillness beforeresponding, we could gain a few precious seconds that would allow us to act instead ofreactto negative events. 

By setting a bookmark when we find ourselves at peace, we can use our intention to return by just thinking us back into that sacred space. Setting a bookmark is definitely one of those tools from my consciousness-awareness toolbox that I would use again. <--- link to short YouTube Vlog about today's meditation. 


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