Goddess I Am: 09-07-2018
I arrived early for the meditation. I slipped into the quiet room where the meditation was to begin. As I took a few deep breaths, messages began to flow. 

It is all about the ying and yang, the checks and balances, that fine line between trust and fear. Learn to walk your path with the eyes of the heart, for your heart will never lead you astray. Trust that each step on that path takes you in the direction of the divine, even though your physical eyes may not comprehend. 

Trust your heart.

In my mind’s eye, I saw energy coming up from deep within the core of the Earth. It rose to a focal point in the center of the room. I watched at it broke through the floor, becoming a beautiful fountain of red water, bubbling forth with power and strength. It looked like a beautiful red rose but made of water. This fountain began to get larger, and as it did so, the water began to splash about the entire room. The water was red, representing the color of blood that courses through the physical heart. It is the color of the root chakra that connects the physical and energy bodies to Gaia. It is the connection to your tribe.
I continued to sit in stillness as this fountain literally washed over me, cleansing me of errant snippets of energy that does not serve me. As this happens, I feel whole, complete, and grounded—grounded within this sacred space and grounded to the beautiful energies of our Mother Earth. 

Meditation participants entered the room. Once settled, Beth came and began the meditation. My vision started back as if there had not been a break, and I saw that tiny droplets from the fountain’s spray began to break away from the rest of the bubbling red waters. This mist began to take form and I watched with amusement and amazement as these droplets morphed into small fairies. I was told that they were “Earth angels.” These Earth angels surround each person, weaving in and out within their surrounding energy fields. The purpose was to help clean and clear any blockages of energy that did not serve them. 

As this remarkable vision continued, I noticed movement from above. Archangel Raphael enter the room, and with a slow, powerful breath, he spread healing throughout the room. He infused his life force energy through Prana, the breath of life. As this occurred, I saw how energy blockages from each person fade. Some of the energy began to bubble away and popping as the energy was released.

During the meditation, Beth led through a timeline from past lives to present. The following message arrived, clarifying this path of our previous lives:

It is the path of truth that your beloved soul has walked through its many incarnations. With each Earthly lifetime, your soul picks up fragments of your True Self. As you learn to release that which does not serve you, you also learn the opposite: the balance. You learn to recognize, embrace, and allow soul pieces of our True Self to enter your divine nature. 

This is the step toward enlightenment. Walk upon this path of Truth, and trust that your heart will guide you on this most holy and sacred path. 


  1. Thanks Candie for all you bring to our meditation. I appreciate your sharing of these insights❤️Love, Beth

    1. Thank you, Beth, for providing such a sacred space that welcomes all! I'm always amazed how my visions correlate and correspond with your guided meditations--proof that we are tapping into the energy that surrounds us. XO

  2. As always, beautifully written in a way that I do not have to use my "imagination". Thank you for sharing, Sandra McGill

  3. Thank you, Sandra. It's the connection to Source brought by the person leading the meditation--like all those meditations at your place.


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