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March 22, 2019 Goddess I Am One Shade at a Time: Enlightenment
I was outside Goddess I Am, a metaphysical store in Naples, Florida. I was early for the weekly Friday morning meditation, so I sat on a bench and pulled out my pen to write the messages that had already begun to flow.
The road to peace begins with you. Step gently on the path of life. Let each footstep mean something. It need not be monumental; it just needs to be purposeful and with heart. Let your heart guide you. Take each step without knowing what the next step will be. This is Trust. This is Guidance.  Know that within your heart is a beacon. It is a connection to angels, a connection to Source. Find the stillness inside so that you may hear the whispers upon the wind that guide you on the path of wisdom, the path of love, the path of the sacred.  
My awareness pulled away, and I found myself with a bird’s-eye view. Within a few seconds, I was so high in the atmosphere that I could see both the east and west coasts of th…
March 18, 2019 River of Light: Church of Spiritual Light

I was at the Church of Spiritual Light in Fort Myers, Florida for their twice-monthly crystal bowls/Reiki meditation. I made myself comfortable in the chaise lounge by adding another pillow and blanket. As I settled in, the messages began. I found myself in a deeply wooded forest. I was standing at a fork in the road, and I knew I needed to make the decision on which way to go. I felt like I was in Robert Frost’s poem, The Road Not Taken, and I had to make a choice.
Which is your path?
As that question reverberated in my mind, I looked around. I wanted to remember the details of this vision; it felt so real. I smelled the musty scent of pine trees. As I walked the path that had beckoned me, the dry leaves that crunched beneath my bare feet changed to a soft, compact cushion of moss. As I raised my hand to brush my wind-blown hair away from my face, I heard the distant sound of a babbling brook. It must be a cue for me to walk in t…
March 15, 2019 Angels and Tambourines: Goddess I Am

I dug into my purse for my favorite pen, but it wasn’t there. Instead, I located a bright red ink pen. Where did that come from? I pulled off the cap and jotted the date at the top of my journal: March 15, 2019. The date made me think of soothsayer's line “Beware of the Ides of March” in Julius Caesar by Shakespeare. This phrase seemed to prime the pump for the messages to begin. 
Beware. Beware as we surround you with loving energy, with divine love.
Beth began the meditation by spraying (with permission) each participant with one of her numerous choices of essential oil mixtures from the store. I wasn’t surprised when the spray of the day was from the bottled labeled Love—the words I had just jotted in my journal.   We always begin the meditation with a few deep, purposeful breaths, and today was no exception. With my first inhalation, I saw a flood of red hearts pouring from above like a whirlwind of valentines. This stream ente…
March 4, 2019, Jacob's Ladder Angelic Healing: Church of Spiritual Light
I arrived at the Church of Spiritual Light in Fort Myers, Florida, and prepared for the crystal bowl/Reiki meditation. After the hour-plus drive from Naples, I was ready to relax and enjoy the experience. 
The messages began as soon as I walked toward the restroom at the back of the church. My eyes were drawn to a picture of a wolf that was part of a large framed collage of various animals among other images. But for some reason, I focused only on the wolf’s nose. I wondered why. I glanced around and saw a bottle of hand soap on a shelf. The label said it was made with rosemary. I often receive cues about upcoming spiritual communications, so I wondered if message might be about the sense of smell. As that entered my mind, I thought of the word “alchemy.” Immediately, I received messages about the senses. 
As you learn to fine tune your senses, you shall tap into the divine nature of all that is. Allow this div…
March 1, 2019 A New Messenger: Goddess I Am, Naples, FL

I sat in my chair and pulled out my journal to prepare for the meditation. As I wrote the date, March 1, the messages began to flow. Immediately, I realized this was a new messenger.
Newness, freedom, rebirth. As a new month is upon you, oh, ye children of the Earth, the illusion of time creeps in like a morning fog. Its true nature resides within a dimension in which Earthlings must abide. 
Clock time. Calendar time. Seasonal time. When to sow. When to reap. When to rise. When to bed. But the dimensional spaces found within this construct called time has a basis within the multiverse: patterns of energy underlie the concept, guiding the changes that are necessary for Earth life to occur and function within the density required for your existence.
We say to you to step deeper into time—to beyond the self-imposed limits set by the human mind. Use your intuition to release the chatter within your brain so that you may delve deeper into…