01-18-2018: Introspection

I've been up since before 5:00, getting ready for work. Retirement is less than six months away and I will enjoy not hearing that 4:45 alarm. It is interesting how life unfolds. Over the last couple of years, it seems more challenging problems have been presented to me at work. I can look at these situations as guideposts, leading me on my life path. Some are reinforcing my intention to retire in June 2018, but perhaps some are allowing me a few more opportunities for growth.

Working with others who are filled with anger or anxiety can be taxing, but it can also provide me with lessons that I would not have volunteered for. I hope to spend my last few months at work by savoring these opportunities, and learning from each one. After all, isn't that one reason why we chose to attend Earth School?

Hoping everyone has a blessed day. ~Candie


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