Meditation at Church of Spiritual Light 01-15-2018
Love is in the air

Love is in the air! As the meditation began, I "saw" a red satin cover blanket all of the meditation participants. It came from above and settled over everyone like a blanket of new-fallen snow. I could see all the people breathing as this blanket stretched tightly over their bodies.

From the center of the red satin blanket, I saw the blanket begin to rise. It reminded me of how a large circus tent would be raised. As it lifted, I received the message that the blanket was being enlivened with prana, life-force energy. The air flowed over the participants.

All of a sudden, the satin blanket began to break away in heart-shaped pieces of different sizes. Those pieces began to flutter to the ceiling and past, reminding me of butterflies or maybe even fairies. It was a beautiful sight to behold.

A few moments later, those living heart-shaped pieces of satin came together and became rose petals. As they clustered into rose buds, very long stems began to grow. The stems reached far into the Earth. The stems crisscrossed as if the roses had been placed in an invisible, wide vase. Where the stems crossed represented the Earth, and more specifically, the sacred space where the meditation was taking place.

I understood that the room we were in at the Church of Spiritual Light represented the "interface," that holy place that connected Earth with the spiritual realms. It is that magical point where there is a perfect balance of energy. It is that magical place of the heart where everything is possible--a space of endless possibilities lie. And it's all there for the asking. It is a perfect place for manifestation.

"Oh, come ye with open hearts. Let not your heart be troubled as you pour forth goodness and compassion for your fellow man."

"Let us be one with the Divine, one with the Sacred, one with this most holy place where love resides."

"Life up thine eyes into the world unmanifest so that you, too, can know God's Divine Love."

Several minutes later, the red rose petals began to float down from above. The petals covered all of the participants--petals that were infused with life force--living pieces of the divine that will travel with us in our journey into life.

I watched as this magnificent energy dissolved into each participants being.~Candie


  1. As a post-script to this experience at the Church of Spiritual Light, after I reported my experience, Reverend Renee Bledsoe told the group of her connection to roses. She shared with us how she had just had a long conversation with someone on the topic of roses and the spiritual connection. These connections always surprise me, but also validate the spiritual connection we have.


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