Mystical Moon: New Moon Ceremony with Kirstin Gooldy

Mystical Moon: New Moon Ceremony with Kirstin Gooldy (01-16-2018)

    Before the meditation started, I saw the gathering of energies across the planet. It is the gathering of energies close and far away. Wisps of energy crossing over the seas of Gaia, the mountain tops of Gaia, the fields of grasses, and the beautiful inland waters.
     These winds of energy came together across our blue-green planet in long wisps of energy. They gathered together and spiraled upward, leaving Mother Earth up through Father Sky. As the energy left the Earth plane, they came together to create a new energy, an energy that will help with the transformation of Gaia.
     The meditation began, and we were guided to release anything that did not serve us. We were instructed to release these energies deep within the Earth. On the guided meditation, we met Sparrow who gave each of us a gift.
     Sparrow gifted me a small flame, a beautiful light, inside my heart. I was told the flame represents warmth. With that, Sparrow said, "May your heart always be warm."
     The flame inside my heart is for guidance. She said, "May it light the way for you to always find peace."
     The light is ever-burning and used for me to transmute any negative energy that comes my way. I now have the power to change the negative energy to positive energy. "Use it wisely, Dear One."
     Finally, Sparrow said the light is positive energy and serves as a beacon to others seeking, others on the same path. Her final words were "May you be the Light for others."~Candie


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