The Reluctant Messenger, Chapter 4: Changing Perspectives

April 25, 2014:
We say that if humans would continue to connect with this higher Source and constantly expand their Points of Existence, their hearts would remain open. It is the opening of the heart that is responsible for “ease” in their lives, just as the closing of the heart is responsible for dis-ease.

I had already learned the connection between ease and dis-ease. Repeated blockages (dis-ease) in our energy bodies lay the foundation for disease to manifest. By becoming flow-ers of energy, we could maintain states of ease and equilibrium that would allow a natural flow of life’s energy through us.
The key to maintaining life’s flow is through keeping the heart opened. As we learn to live beyond our limited PoE, heart energy expands. We become part of the field of overlapping PoEs, and we begin to sense universal connections. We realize we are never alone; we are part of everything.
In this state of oneness, as our energy frequencies change to higher vibrations, we attract more of the same. We love, and we feel loved. We see things in a different light, and we appreciate our surroundings more than before because we are an integral part of all that is. We are open and receptive, willing to accept other perspectives as the next section on forgiveness demonstrates.
The above excerpt is from The Reluctant Messenger. This chapter, Changing Perspectives, helped me to understand the importance of stopping, taking a deep breath, then intentionally changing the way I perceive things. 
Years ago I read that pain is part of the human condition, but suffering is an option. How true this is. If we can begin the practice of distancing ourselves from the root of the pain, we can begin to view things from greater perspective. A dear friend of mine, Dr. Laurin Bellg, used to always ask, "What's the lesson? Where's the gift?" whenever she was presented with a challenge. I try to endorse that as my mantra when life seems to throw me a curve ball. To answer the question, I am forced to step out of the role of victim where something unpleasant is happening to me. Instead, I step on a higher path--the path of observer.
Learning to ask about the lesson can be the first step to a brighter future!


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