April 2, 2018: Crystal Bowl Reiki Meditation at Church of Spiritual Light, White Wolf

It is the stealth and spirit of the white wolf as she silently walks upon the snow-covered earth. I see her large paws that silently create a path in this snowy silence. Her back paws step in the prints created by her front paws, minimizing her trail she leaves in the snow.

She is solitary. She is at peace with her surroundings. This is her domain. She raises her head and in the air she catches the scent of prey. She runs in that direction, into a thick copse of pines. She rushes near the base of a tree and furiously digs—her powerful paws and claws tear up the turf in search of the vole that had sought refuge underground at the base of the pine. Her search is successful and she gobbles the vole, temporarily satisfying her hunger.

She lives a solitary life, but one filled with introspection. She has learned to take care of herself, and she allows the life force of Earth to come through her. She has learned to be “at one” with her environment, at one with her true nature, at one with the vibrations and frequencies that surround her—in the way she feels, smells, and knows. She flows with life.

I see her stop and howl at a star that shines brightly in the night sky.

I hear the words, “Be peace.”


This was an unusual experience for me. Usually when I am attending a crystal bowl meditation at Church of Spiritual Light, I will see energy in the room. This time was quite different—seeing a solitary white wolf. When the meditation ended, I looked behind me and I saw a white cloak hanging on a stand. In the middle of the cloak was a white wolf.

I thought it was interesting that I received the word “vole” during the meditation. I knew a vole was a small rodent, but I had no idea whether they lived underground, so I Googled “Do voles live underground?” On www.imustgarden.com/repel-moles-voles, I learned that “Meadow voles live above ground and pine voles live underground.” Interesting that the pine vole lives underground, and the underground vole I saw was beneath a pine tree.


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