Connecting to Angels: April 2, 2014, I received this message: We have always been here but have been awaiting your request for assistance. The key is to ask.

      It felt empowering to know this energy had always been available, awaiting my request. I could sense the connection, as if a stream of energy had begun to flow to me from the angelic realm. I first saw my body fill with beautiful, soft pink energy. It felt like I had walked into a bank of pink fog, a fine mist tickled my skin. A sense of euphoria washed over me.
I knew my request had started a chain of energy events to make the connection possible. Help is always there; all I need to do is ask. 
The above paragraphs are from Chapter 6: Heavenly Help from The Reluctant Messenger that will be published Summer 2018. When I began to spontaneously receive communications from "beyond," one of the most powerful messengers were the angels. They shared with me times that had helped me in the past, including an event that occurred when I was a teenager. They showed themselves in human form as they helped my husband when he passed. But these two sentences, We have always been here but have been awaiting your request for assistance. The key is to ask, were so powerful. 
They have always been with us. They were with us when we entered this world, and they accompany us when we leave our physical bodies. But the key is to learn to ASK! They do not want to interfere with our lessons here in Earth School 101. Lessons learned through life are much more valuable than lessons learned through books.
After hearing these sage words of advice, I began asking for their assistance. I could feel the soft yet powerful energy of the angels as it swirled around me. It added a layer of protection, and often the vulnerability I felt dropped away. Isn't it time to access these higher energies to help us through the day? If we can maintain our higher vibrations through the help of the angels, our energy helps others that come in contact with us. Let's learn to accept the love and wisdom from the angels.


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