Excerpt from The Reluctant Messenger, Chapter 5: Cosmic Contacts. This was a vision I received that accompanied a message on May 8, 2015. Question: Was this the past, or was I seeing the future?
A silent vision accompanied the message. I saw two magnificent blue-green Earths drift toward each other within the velvety, starless void of deep space. The two Earths met and began to overlap. The movement stopped when they were in perfect alignment that created one magnificent Earth. This new Earth represented more than both blue-green planets combined.
I zoomed closer to see the landscape, and as I passed over oceans, lakes, and rivers, crystal-clear waters came into view. I saw breathtaking waterfalls, and I flew close enough to feel their spray as the waters plunged into deep blue pools below. I soared over jungles, deserts, mountains, and plains. Plant and animal life were healthy and abundant. All the colors of this new Earth were brilliant and vibrant. I saw perfection. This new Earth had come to life. Tears came to my eyes as I watched this magnificent process unfold. 
Could this be the future, or did it represent the past before we upset the delicate balance in nature? I realized I no longer saw Earth as a blue-green planet in the Milky Way Galaxy but a living spirit. I had witnessed the transition of Earth—the birthing of the spirit Gaia.


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