Help from the Angel Realm: May 28, 2015
As part of my extraordinary journey into the unknown, I began having contact with angels. They communicated with me through dreams as well as direct messages. Of all of the messengers, the energy from the angels was breathtaking. They always left me feeling lighter and, more importantly, feeling loved beyond measure.

Have you had contact with angels? Feel free to reply below, and let's start a conversation!

Below is an excerpt from Chapter 6: Heavenly Help:

We came to this one in a dream about the breath of angels, for the energy we put forth is very subtle. It is a lighter, finer energy than a gentle breath, just as a gentle breath is lighter and finer than a whisper, and a whisper is lighter than speaking, and speaking is lighter than shouting. As this one continues to fine-tune her senses and tap into the realm of non-senses, she will be able to discern the differences among us.
There are many types of beings within our realm—the realm humans refer to as the angelic realm. There is the energy of the Protector. Humans associate this subset of the angelic realm with the archangel called Michael. He is considered the leader or head of this realm.
There is also a subset for healing which humans associate with the archangel named Raphael. The energy of the Healers is different from the Protectors. There are multiple subsets within the angelic realm such as the Guardian subset. We also have a section for Awareness. It has a similar energy to the Protectors, but it is gentler.

Let us now speak of common features among the angelic realm. We are beings of higher vibrations than are found on the Earth plane. Our vibrational frequencies are subtler and finer. We respond to like energy such as when humans tap into our energy field. Many humans know in order to gain assistance from us, they need to ask for help.

We are always around, but we rarely interfere with the day to day “busyness” of life on the Earth plane unless we are asked to do so. It is the asking or the intent that sends forth an energy beacon from the human to our realm. The asking, in the form of intentions and prayers, is energy. These are of a higher vibrational frequency which more closely matches our vibrations. The energy vibrations reach the interface, the area that buffers our realm of existence from that of the humans. If the request is from the heart, the energy reaches us like a knock upon our door. We respond to like energy; when the request is from the heart, this energy reaches us like a small, brilliant spark of light that flashes.

When a prayer or intention is genuine, that energy stems from the heart. It is the heart energy of humans that represents the higher vibrational status needed in order for connections to be made into our dimension.


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