January 29, 2014 from Chapter 5 Cosmic Contacts, The Reluctant Messenger:

"You asked about the star connection, and we are here, as always, in the background, awaiting your request for contact. We are the group that has been instrumental in opening the channel for this one. We are the overseers of the energies affecting Mother Earth, and we have a direct impact on what you call the interface, that way station or space between dimensions. We use our energies to help alter the energy of our sister star (your sun) in order to help Mother Earth in her transitory process.
"Energy is everywhere. It is entertaining to see humans who think space is empty, for there is nothing empty about space. Humans who use only their physical senses are missing out on magical realms available through energy connections and energy intent. We are pleased when we see humans recognizing and engaging in nonphysical energy and energy patterns on conscious levels of awareness. Many humans who are not able, or perhaps not willing, to acknowledge the existence of space that is not empty, are missing enriched experiences."

An overarching theme in my book The Reluctant Messenger is the importance of energy and the role it takes in our lives. I began to measure everything I did in terms of energy vibration and frequency. I learned how to engage my nonphysical senses to begin to tap into the frequencies that were all around us. My life changed as I began to perceive energy exchanges between people having conversations. I saw, first hand, that their words did not always match their intentions. How much more powerful could communication be if we would align our energy with our words!


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