Changing Perspectives:

Below is a message I received in 2014. When we learn to change our perspectives, we open to a new world of possibilities. As the messages poured into my awareness, I began to realize that things like worry could be helpful--if I could change my perspective. 

September 19, 2014
Worry occurs when a certain event, thought, or emotion rises into awareness. That event, thought, or emotion continues to rise, giving the human an opportunity to reframe this event, thought, or emotion from a different perspective. It is an opportunity for growth; it is an opportunity for learning; it is an opportunity to view the event from a higher perspective, and thus transform the energy associated with the event into energy of a higher quality. Many thoughts, emotions, and events are the basis of worry and are fear-based and thus are of a lower quality vibration—much denser and heavier energy than is associated with higher vibrational states such as love, appreciation, and compassion. Worry is an opportunity for growth when viewed in this manner.
When you find yourself worrying about something, stop and give pause. Within that pause, realize the opportunity for growth. For worry, without revisiting and reframing that event, can block the energy field. Energy blockages can manifest as dis-ease, causing a variety of physical and emotional energy disturbances, until the blockage is cleared.
Learn to trust the broader perspective. Often events, thoughts, and emotions occur for a reason that is not clear now. With a greater perspective, those events, thoughts, and emotions take on different meanings. The key to changing the negative, dense energy of worry to positive energy is to trust and allow life to flow, thus allowing events to unfold in the manner in which they were meant to—all from a greater perspective.


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