Messages from Beyond: How it all Began

This is the introduction to my first messages from other-worldly sources. It is an excerpt from The Reluctant Messenger which is scheduled for publishing on July 4th. 

"Planning for an average but busy day occupied my mind as I gathered my belongings and headed toward the car one morning. The summer break had ended just a few weeks before, and school was back in full swing. As I exited the garage, I began to mentally prioritize tasks leading up to the back-to-back meetings for the day. Almost on autopilot, I began my fifteen-minute commute. It was dark; the sun would not rise for another forty-five minutes or so. The traffic was usually light this early in the morning, and today was no exception. I had driven about halfway when words that did not seem to come from any conscious thought began to flow through my mind. My purse was in the passenger’s seat. I reached over and brought it closer so I could feel inside for my phone. I wanted to record these thoughts. When I could not safely reach the phone, I gave up and yielded to the message.

August 28, 2013
When you look at a flower, it is at its peak when it is open. A flower is a flow-er, and just like a human, when you let the energy flow, then the human is open to growth and potential. A plant draws energy from deep within Mother Earth, and it then ascends toward Father Sky. When there is perfect connection, this union between Mother Earth and Father Sky, the plant’s energy is in ideal alignment. Its energy is flowing, and there are no blockages. It will then burst forth from its current existence and produce a perfect blossom, a flower.
The plant is a flow-er of energy, and its perfect alignment with Source results in a flower. This is also true for humans. When humans allow their energy to flow, they open to potential growth beyond their wildest imaginations. The result is a perfect flower—beautiful, functional, and multifaceted. Let us all be flow-ers of energy, with no blockages.
 As these words entered my awareness, a picture of a green plant formed in my mind. Its roots extended deep in rich, dark soil as it began to grow upward. Like a time-lapsed movie, I saw a bud form and then open into a beautiful yellow flower."
After years of receiving messages, I finally realized that the messengers are always around us, but we may not be tuned in to their frequencies. Once we learn to soften our awareness and go within, we can find a whole new world awaiting us. We are not our physical bodies. What we experience by our physical senses cannot begin to measure the enormity of the universe. 
By learning to quiet our minds, we can go within--a perfect condition for becoming receptive to the messages that often lie just beyond the realm of physicality. Once we make connections, it's easier to retrace our steps and reconnect with the beauty that lies within. 


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