Church of Spiritual Light: 06-04-18 Crystal Bowl/Reiki Meditation, Swan Egg

I attended a crystal bowl, Reiki healing meditation on June 4, 2018 at the Church of Spiritual Light in Fort Myers. As soon as I settled into the recliner, before the meditation began, I began to experience churning in my stomach and I knew this was energy being released.

I had a download of information, stating this energy release was necessary to create a new birth, a new life. I saw an oversized egg. My first thought was that it was an ostrich egg, but then I heard that it was a swan’s egg. It was ripe, ready to hatch into a new life.

(Because I had just retired three days before, I knew this also represented me and the new life, the new path that I was embarking on.)

From the seed (egg) to the cygnet (baby swan), from the formless to the formed, I am part of the whole of this most sacred space (Church of Spiritual Light). I blend into it and melt into the oneness of all.

I saw small stream of energy coming from the outer perimeter of the room, rushing to the center of the room where the swan’s egg was balanced on a pedestal in my mind’s eye. It reminded me of colonies of ants moving rapidly, but they were not in the straight lines that ants often form. The streams of energy began to take shape and tiny waves began to form, much like a gentle tide that rushes to the shore.

The energy entered into the swan’s egg at its base, creating what I heard in my mind’s eye as the “organizing principle” for the innards of the egg that would become a living creature.

As these waves of energy washed toward the underside of the swan’s egg, the sky seemed to open and soft, white feathers began to fall, surrounding the egg. Layers upon layers upon layers of feathers surrounded the egg until the entire room was filled. Eventually, only the tip of the egg showed. When the gentle shower of white feathers stopped, I looked around, and in my mind’s eye, I realized the outer walls of the room had become a nest. And, just as a mother bird plucks the down feathers of her belly to line the inside of her nest, this was exactly what had occurred—but the feathers were sacred, falling from the heavens above.

The gentle waves that had been filling the underneath side of the swan’s egg began to grow, and before long, they supported this huge nest that filled the room. The waters rocked the nest back and forth, much like a mother who rocks her baby to sleep. Within this sacred, rocking motion, I saw the tip of the swan’s egg begin to move like the stamen and pistil of a flower.

The egg began to rise above the confines of the nest, swaying back and forth. while precariously balanced on the tip of this long stem. Simultaneously, egg slowly opened like a bud of a flower while the stalk that held it above the nest began to grow down like a root, seeking its home in the bottom of the water.

Before my eyes, I watched as this swan’s egg transformed into a magnificent lotus flower; I saw it open with the clarity of time-lapsed photography. While it bloomed, the waters beneath it rose until it surrounded and supported the lotus flower, like gentle opened hands. The lotus had found its support. I watched as it settled into a niche in the water’s surface, like a cygnet settling into the cupped hands of a loving angel, giving it strength, warmth, and protection. It was home.

I watched as the lotus blossom slowly drifted back and forth upon the gentle waves of the water, moving back and forth to the rhythm of life itself. I heard, “Be at one with the music and the vibrations of life.”

(I googled stamen and pistil and found the following on The pistil is the female reproductive part of a flower. It is centrally located and typically consists of a swollen base—the egg I saw. The stamen is the male reproductive part of a flower, consisting of a long slender stalk—this is the filament I saw that morphed into the taproot of a lotus flower.)

After I shared my experience with the group, Reverend Renee Bledsoe told the group that she has both an ostrich’s egg and an swan’s egg. She also said she was preparing for the Clan of the White Swan. I looked around the room and noticed there was a crystal lotus flower that held a tea candle in the center of the room on a pedestal. I am always amazed how my experiences at Church of Spiritual Light seem to be aligned with the activities of the church.


  1. So powerful and the symbology and imagery you receive Candie never ceases to amaze me, as it is right in line with the very things that we work with very often behind the scenes. You are just masterful at picking up on the vibrations at our space. It is wonderful.


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