Firefly Within Meditation: 06-11-18

I could hear the rain against the windows and the booms of thunder from the storm outside as I settled into my chair in preparation for the guided meditation. The summer storm seemed to set the stage for the following message:

Every place is finding its niche. The rain outside of this meditation space falls from the sky, and where it lands is of great importance. (I had a vision of thousands of individual raindrops and the specific place where each drop landed on the ground.)

Much like molecules that have specific receptors that attract other molecules to make a specific compounded element, this dance of the divine is seen all throughout nature, including the rain. There is both a push and a pull, the yin and the yang, as the divine rain falls from Father Sky, obeying the call from Mother Earth.

There is a balance and allowing of the divine energy to flow when and where it needs to go. This is the way of healing. Humans receive what they need in an innate connection. It is all in divine order.

It may not be the healing that the human expected, but it is what he or she needed.

Let go of expectations and allow Divine Wisdom to flow with the inherent intelligence that it possesses. 



Give thanks and gratitude for this most divine guidance. Open and allow this energy to guide you throughout your day.

After a brief pause, the message continued:

Humans often think of themselves as islands: isolated and separated from one another. This is not so. Just as continents are connected to neighboring islands through the ocean floor, know that ye are one with the Divine.

This message seemed to set the state for the healing meditation that followed. If we could learn to quiet our minds enough to hear the gentle guidance that surrounds us, wouldn’t our lives be better? Allowing healing energy to flow through us helps break up blockages that we may have. Breaking this dis-ease helps keep us in tuned with our spiritual sides. Learning to allow and “go with the flow” helps us maintain a state of grace.


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