Morning Meditation at Goddess I Am: 06-22-18

I arrived almost thirty minutes early for the morning meditation. As I entered Goddess I Am (Naples, FL) I was guided to go back to the meditation room and sit in silence. I slipped into the softly lit room and took a seat. Within moments, I was able to sense the energy of the room. Like small waves lapping at the beach, a mist or fog rolled in from all sides and converged in the center of the room. As these curls of energy reached the center, the lower half of the fog bank slipped down the center of the room like water down a drain while the upper half of the mist moved upward. 
From a broader perspective, I saw how these separated waves of energy folded back upon itself, creating a toroidal (donut shaped) field of energy. The center of the room became a portal; it was the center of the vortex created by the torus.

The following message came:

This is the energy of protection, protecting the sacred souls who will be entering this room for meditation. This torus created a sacred circle where divine energies can flow—without worry, without pain, without concern—allowing all who enter an opportunity to release those energies that no longer serve them.

I watched as the torus field became like a giant whirlpool bath. I immediately understood that it was to remove negative energy; it would wash away the energy of the participants. And, though no one yet had attended, I was able to see how this whirlpool would work. I saw the negative energy lift from each person’s energy body. I reminded me of flakes of burned sheets of paper. As each piece lifted, in its place was a new, shiny material. It looked like what is beneath a scab when the crusty layers fall off.

As the negative energy dissipates, it leaves room for a replacement energy—one of newness, divine, sacred energy. As each person enters this divine space, they cannot help but be washed by this sacred bath.  

Automatically, I took a deep, cleansing breath, and as I did so, I felt myself filling with the divine energy that seemed to lighten and lift my physical body. I knew that healing had already begun—even before any participant arrived.

It is all in divine order. Just let go and allow for healing to occur.

A couple of participants entered the room, eliciting further messages.

As each divine soul enters this sacred space, they bring with them positive aspects that will blend with the energy of the torus: humor, love, family, connections, friendship, compassion.

I watched as these “positive aspects” manifested as small golden sparks that scattered around the room like fireflies on a summer’s eve. The message continued:

 They [sparks] are divine and they bring forth life-force energy to heal all who are here.

Beth entered the room and began the meditation. She brought forth the energy of Mary Magdalene. The experience was profound, and everyone cried as Beth connected us to the energy of this most divine being.


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