Morning Meditation at Goddess I Am: 06-29-18

I walked into the meditation room at Goddess I Am in Naples, Florida about 25 minutes early. I was the first to arrive, so I settled into my chair, planning to relax. But, within seconds, the messages began to flow.

Temple. This most divine space is a temple, much as the pyramids of ancient times were built to honor the divine, so is this temple [Goddess I Am].

Just as pyramids were used to teleport consciousness into other dimensional reality, so is this temple.

Your physical body, too, is a temple. Its purpose is to house the divine: your spirit, your soul, your essence. You can use the physical temple to move into other realms of existence.

Listen! Listen to the quiet that whispers guidance from within.

Look not for flashing signs, for they are meant to distract you from your life’s true path. But, instead, look from within. When you pick up a whisper or a thread from Guidance, honor it, follow it, and it will lead you on your life’s true path—the path of wisdom, the path of divinity.

I settled back in my chair and took several deep breaths as the other meditation participants entered the room. Goddess I Am owner Beth Brown Rinella came in and began the meditation. Not surprisingly, her meditation revolved around temples. Much of the imagery she spoke of, I had already seen.

As Beth continued guiding the group, I had a vision. I saw a long lineage of beings: ancient ones, star people, half human/half animal beings. They circled the room. The message continued:

There is unity as brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, cousins and distant cousins all come together for the good of all. As the universe expands, there is a coming together and distant relationships can be seen. These are magical connections.

I then had a vision of myself. As an observer, I saw myself morph into a wisp of smoke or fog. The observer-me watched in amazement as the wisp-me began swirling in a circle, building energy. I then saw the tip of the wisp reach toward the sky. I realized I was inside a pyramid and this fog-type of energy began to exit through the apex of the pyramid. 

I was able to follow myself, observing myself as this fog. The mist floated up and away, deep into the cosmos, into the timelessness of all that is. I then saw the fog stretch into a very thin blanket of energy. It was a deep blue color of the night sky, complete with sparkles of energy that looked like stars. The blanket slowly drifted back toward Earth, eventually reaching the meditation room at Goddess I Am, here in Naples, Florida.

I was able to assimilate myself back into this space and follow Beth’s guided meditation. I noticed that my body began to get very warm. The energy began to compress until I felt like I had become an orb of light or energy. Just a few seconds later, as part of the meditation, Beth asked the participants to ask a question, then pause to receive an answer.

With this prompt, the orb of light became a crystal ball and the following message came:
The answers lie within. Within is where manifestation, creation occurs. You had the power all along.

I had a flashback of The Wizard of Oz where the Good Witch Glinda told Dorothy that she had the power all along to return home. In my mind’s eye, I heard Dorothy’s words, “There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home.”

You have the ability to build your life the way you wish it to be. Creation is yours. There is no place like home, for home is divine. It is the unity of all that is. It lies within and recognizing our connection to all.


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