Church of Spiritual Light
Opening Prayer: 10-06-18

Before the opening of the monthly Holistic Fair, Reverend Bledsoe let us in an opening prayer. As we stood in a circle, hands held, I felt intense, searing energy on the bottoms of my feet. It felt as if my feet were ablaze. In my mind’s eye, I saw this energy go deep into Earth. It reached the center of Earth and then it looped back into my feet. I knew this was occurring for everyone in the circle.

There was a sound as the energy seemed to smack back into the soles of our feet. As this happened, I had a vision that the bottoms of our feet were changing, and as we walked away from this prayerful circle, we would leave rainbow imprints where our feet touched Earth. A message began.

As you walk this path of wisdom, know that you, indeed, leave footprints. This is the path of the Beauty Way. Walking on this path of wisdom leads you to your Truth, but you, too, lead the way. It is a collective effort, meant to bring forth the seeds of wisdom that are planted on your path. 

The Beauty Way, walking softly upon the grasses of Earth, is one of connection. It is a connection to your birth, a connection to your soul, a connection to the path that will lead you to righteousness. 

The spirit of Ancestors shall accompany you on this journey. Follow them with your heart, and the path shall open wide before you. Trust the divine wisdom that lies within.


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