Goddess I Am Meditation: 11-30-18
Spinning Top
I entered the meditation room before anyone else, and immediately the messages began to flow. I felt damp, and I realized a fine haze permeated the room. As I looked up, I discovered the source: holy water drifted down like a gentle mist from the ethers above. Words began to flow into my awareness:

Time is approaching when many upon the Earth plane will celebrate the masters of their religions. Hearts are softened, creating openings for love to pour in and pour forth. 

Bring together the sacred energies of the holy ones that you celebrate this time of year. Their energies consist of vibrations that are subtle and sublime, like that fine mist that covers this room.  

As you allow the holy ones into your energy field, you become lighter—a bit of enlightenment begins to seep into your divine nature.

At this point, I saw the mist begin to encircle each participant until they were wrapped in this soothing bubble of water. I had a vision of Mother Mary as she lovingly wrapped her arms around her beloved Christ child. There was a sense of protection, love, and divinity. The message continued:

Feel how this gently permeates your energy field. Allow it. Invite it. Give thanks through your heart. 

As Beth led the meditation, I felt intense energy in the bottoms of my feet. I began breathing deeply, and as I did so, I realized I was pulling up energy from deep within the Earth. With each subsequent breath, the energy filled more and more of my body. This felt grounding as well as very protective. 

Like ribbons of gold and green light, this Earth energy moved up and toward each participant. It began to weave through their energy bubbles that had been created by the holy waters from above. A whirlwind was created as the heavenly energies from above mixed with the divine energies from below. Each person became a spinning vortex of energy.

It reminded me of a child’s spinning top; as each top continued to spin faster and faster, small pieces of dark colored energy flew from its center. This was a release of the low-level energy that did not serve them: illness, anger, jealousy, etc. This was part of the healing for each person, and it was specific to each person’s need.

As these lower vibrations cleared each person’s field, what remained was pure and holy. It was the combination of our own energy signature as it joined the divine holy energies from above and from our beloved Mother Earth. It was like a divine dance of creation; a new life was birthed. 

As Beth’s meditation came to a close, the spinning tops morphed back into their original bubble shape, but this time they were crystal clear with bright sparks. One by one, these diaphanous orbs began to rise toward the top of the ceiling. I watched as they passed out of sight. Then, as if caught in a gentle breeze, each began a separate trek upward toward enlightenment. 

What a sight to behold! And what a gift each of us have as we participate in these sacred meditations. We are offered insight. We are offered healing. We are offered so much more than words can describe. The last words came to me:

Go forth and shine!


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