Angel of Peace
Church of Spiritual Light: 12-17-2018

I went to the Church of Spiritual Light to attend their twice-monthly Crystal Bowl/Reiki service.  I settled into a comfortable lounge chair, and even before the meditation started, visions and messages came. I saw light, fluffy clouds of pink energy drift into the center of the room. It looked like spun silk, like the fine, delicate threads from a spiderweb, but its pink color made me think of cotton candy. The energy was soft, elegant, and I realized it was the energy of angels. 

I often see angelic energy as pink and green, so these divine pink threads were different from what I usually perceive. As this energy slowly swirled and cushioned the room, I felt a sense of softness, and I knew one purpose of the energy was to cool the souls of those in the room.

We offer protection, divine protection to these most beloved ones.

As those words entered my mind, I began to hear the voices of angels in the background like whispers in the wind.

We give you the energy of peace, the energy of love, the energy of divine order. 

The threads of pink energy that had floated into the room like a giant spiderweb began to merge. I watched as these divine cobwebs solidified and became what looked like a solid sheet of pink ice; it covered the floor of the meditation room. What happened next surprised me.

Tiny houses and buildings began to form, emerging from the once-smooth sheet of ice. Within moments, a tiny village had formed, complete with a fairy castle in the distance. It looked like a scene from a Charles Dickens’ novel. Gas lampposts lit the darkened streets, and the reflection of candle-lit windows of multistoried houses shined on the snowy yards and ice-covered streets. 
Within a couple of seconds, I saw a crystalized dome cover the village, and I realized I was looking at a snow globe. My view was from above, and I watched as a steady flurry of snow covered the village’s already snow-laden roofs and streets below. The dome covering the village was for protection.

We are that protection. We install a globe of love around you and your precious world.

We watch.

We learn.

Yes, we learn from you and your interactions, your thoughts, your emotions. 

We put forth energy that softens the pains and worries of those who need it. 

Rest in peace, Dear Ones, for we are with you.

As I head those last words, I noticed movement within the globe. From my aerial view, I saw a white snowy owl soar across the village, high in the sky, and I had an understanding that we had been visited by a Guardian Angel called the Angel of Peace. I felt so blessed!

When the meditation ended and the lights were turned on, Rev. Bledsoe asked if people wished to share their experiences. After I shared, she told us that she had done something she had never done before a meditation: she had placed a dome of protective energy around the room. So, that was the snow globe that I had witnessed. She also spoke of the snowy owl. She pointed to the Christmas tree that was standing in the corner of the room. Instead of an angel or star on top of the tree, I was surprised to see a large snowy owl!

I do not remember what Renee said when she spoke of the significance of the snowy owl, but I found this on The snowy owl is a higher frequency of owl symbolism which is connected with magic and the mysteries of the universe - to see beyond the illusion of time and reality. As with all birds, the snowy owl represents ascension of the soul to higher levels of thought and consciousness.

Other meditation participants began to share their experiences. Others saw angels, wings of birds or angels, and most felt the presence of divine energy and peace. It seems the Angel of Peace touched our souls. What a beautiful gift we had received. 


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