Angel of Peace December 2018

The Angel of Peace: December 2018. 


I drove to the Church of Spiritual Light to attend their twice-monthly Crystal Bowl/Reiki service. After miles of slow and sometimes bumper-to-bumper traffic, I arrived at this interfaith, all faith church that had become my home away from home. I nestled into a lounge chair that I made more comfortable with a pillow and blankets from home. As is often the case, visions and messages began prior to the meditation. I opened my journal to document the production playing within my mind’s eye.

Delicate sheets of pink threads drifted from above. Except for the color of the filaments, it looked like spun silk from an enormous floating spider’s web. The church’s dimmed lighting pierced the pastel gossamer strands, casting mesmerizing dancing shapes of light on the wall as endless layers sank into the room. I took a deep breath and descended into an exquisite wave of energy that washed over me.

The vibrations emanating from the web were unmistakable, and I knew we were in the presence of an angel. As layers of pink cobwebs enrobed the room, I intuitively knew its purpose was to bring peace and healing to all who would attend this meditation tonight. The message began:


December 17, 2018

I offer protection, divine protection to these most beloved ones. I give you the energy of peace, the energy of love, the energy of divine order.


As I journaled those words, the distant song of angels whispered in the background. Sheets of delicate pale fibers carpeted the floor, crystalizing into a thick, smooth pink layer.

I blinked my eyes in disbelief when tiny houses and buildings bubbled up from the glossy floor, creating a miniature village on the pink ice. It looked like a scene from Victorian London, straight from a Charles Dicken’s novel. Gas-lit lampposts adorned tree-lined darkened streets. The reflection of candle-lit windows of multistoried houses glowed on snowy yards. Within moments, a crystal dome capped the miniature hamlet. My perspective zoomed back, and I realized the village was inside a snow globe small enough to fit in my palm.

I peered inside. Instinctively, I shook the globe, awakening it. I watched in amazement as flurries fell on the village’s already snow-laden roofs and cobblestoned streets. The miniature version of nighttime Victorian London came alive. The gas-lit lampposts emitted a shimmering glow that danced in circles of golden light on the fallen snow. I was mesmerized by the meticulous details.

Time melted around me as I marveled at the beauty of this miniature winter wonderland nestled in my hand. I had an intuitive understanding of the dome covering the snow globe. I knew it safeguarded the village from outside disturbances. With this powerful protection in place, the snow continued to fall, and its hushed stillness brought a sense of serenity and peace to everything it touched. As I brought the sphere close to my heart and breathed in its tranquil energy, the message continued:


We are that protection. We install a globe of love around you and your precious world. We watch. We learn. Yes, we learn from you and your interactions, your thoughts, your emotions. We put forth energy that softens the pains and worries of those who need it. 


Rest in peace, Dear Ones, for we are with you.


As I scribbled the last of these words in my journal, I noticed movement inside the globe. An ivory-colored object soared through the snow-filled sky. Its white body against the blinding snow rendered it almost invisible. Had it not been for its movement, I would not have seen it. I took a closer look; it was a snowy owl.

Reverend Bledsoe turned on the lights when the meditation ended, and I pulled out my jotted notes to report my experience. As I finished sharing, a smile spread across Reverend Bledsoe’s face. She explained her reaction.

With everyone comfortably tucked into their spaces moments before the meditation began, Reverend Bledsoe did something she had never done before. She cast a protective dome of energy over the room. I smiled and nodded; she had just explained the genesis of the snow globe in my vision.

Without speaking, Reverend Bledsoe pointed to a Christmas tree against an interior wall. Because the overhead lights were off when I had entered the room, I had not seen it. My eyes scanned the tree from the bottom upward, branch by branch, absorbing the details of the decorations. When I reached the highest point, my mouth dropped open. Although I anticipated an angel or star would crown its top, I was wrong. Perched in this sacred place of honor was a snowy owl.

I took a deep breath and shook my head in disbelief as I marveled at the mystical snow-globe experience. A profound feeling of peace filled me. It was mid-December, and several holidays were approaching when many Jewish, Christian, and Buddhist people celebrate sacred events, filled with appreciation, compassion, love, and thoughtfulness. It is a time where goodwill and peace abound.

My thoughts returned to the distant voices of angels and the pink silky threads that had covered the room at the meditation's beginning. The energy accompanying the vision was unmistakably from angels, but there was something different.

Over the years of communication with the nonphysical, I had come to recognize pastel pink and green wisps as a telltale sign of angels. This vision had the soft energy of pink, but the green was missing. Why was it different? What did it mean?

The explanation flashed into my awareness in words that were not mine. I knew the answer. The blessed angelic energy that had ushered the vision of the village was from the Angel of Peace.

Pink has been one of my favorite colors for years, but I wondered why it was the Angel of Peace’s signature. I took a short detour and searched online for meaning. I had long known the delicate color of pink is associated with tenderness and universal love, but I wanted more information.

Color-meaning’s website reveals pink “inspires us to cling to hope.” There are no obstacles too significant that pink cannot overcome. “Leading with passion, kindness, and understanding, the color pink embodies all that is good in the world. Pink seeks to make others feel accepted by offering an unmatched level of sympathy.”

Another website,, reports pink is associated with love, tranquility, and nurturing “while conveying a sense of safety.” The color’s sensitivity is from the passion of red combined with the purity of white. It represents the sweetness and innocence of the child.

I smiled when I learned of pink’s protective qualities; the symbolism of the glass dome covering the snowy hamlet now makes sense. This brief research on this perfect color made me appreciate its connection to the Angel of Peace. It’s a match made in heaven, and it’s logical this divine being surrounds us during sacred holidays, but what about the snowy owl? Why was this magnificent bird connected to the Angel of Peace?

My awareness returned to the room at Church of Spiritual Light. My ears perked when I heard Reverend Bledsoe say her master totem was a snowy owl. I was not familiar with the term “master totem,” but I knew I would research it later.

I took a deep breath as I marveled at my magical snow-globe vision. Others shared their experiences, and I could only smile as person after person described seeing angels and other winged beings. Someone felt an angel’s wing brush against them. Many reported feelings of serenity, peace, and calm.

There were undeniable similarities, and this impressed me because we perceive experiences through personal filters. This group validation spoke to the greater truth that we were in the presence of the Angel of Peace.

A few days later, Reverend Bledsoe emailed me information about the spiritual interpretation of her master totem, and a deeper understanding of the experience emerged. I learned the snowy owl is a messenger that delivers omens and information from the nonphysical to the physical, but more than that, he is a protector. Had Reverend Bledsoe’s master totem guided her to build the bubble of protection around the room?

I searched for more meaning online. I learned that totems are spirit beings, sacred objects, or symbols of a tribe, clan, family, or individual.  Although different animal spirit guides or power animals may come and go depending on circumstances, a master totem remains for life. It is the primary guardian spirit that protects in the physical and nonphysical dimensions.

According to Reverend Bledsoe’s Addiction Alchemy website, the snowy owl signifies purity of light that helps us work in the darkness to bring back deeply tucked-away secrets. The snowy owl is connected with the mysteries of the universe because it sees beyond the illusions of time. It represents the soul’s ascension to higher levels of thought and consciousness.

The website reveals the snowy owl follows those with the gift of channeling to help discern the teachings correctly. Is this what had happened to me? Without a doubt, I knew the Angel of Peace had ushered the experience with the snowy owl inside the magical snow globe.

The presence of a snowy owl represents a new level of spiritual maturity and wisdom, one that stems from “still and calm observation.” That last sentence from Addiction Alchemy’s website brought cold chills that wrapped my body from head to feet, a sign for me that represented a validation of truths. I knew to pay attention.

Still and calm observation? That described my life. I had observed, documented, and eventually embraced the channeled messages and visions that had begun in August 2013. By accepting them, I had grown to a level of spiritual maturity well beyond my pre-awakened state, precisely what the website suggested when a snowy owl makes his presence known.

The snow-globe adventure, including the messages from the Angel of Peace and the experience with the snowy owl, was very powerful. It was, indeed, a gift, one I would treasure for years to come. I knew my future winter holiday seasons would never be the same, knowing the Angel of Peace protects and surrounds us with the energy of love.






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