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February 18, 2019
Transformation: Meditation at Church of Spiritual Light

I arrived early for the Reiki/Crystal Bowls meditation at Church of Spiritual Light in Fort Myers, Florida. I put my belongings on the chaise lounge where I was planning to relax for the next hour and a half. As I headed to the bathroom, my eyes were drawn to a wall shelf that held various brochures and cards. When I saw my own cards, I thought about the last time I had used them: I had given my card to Pete and Joyce, a couple who had attended the church’s monthly Holistic Fair on January 5th. I wondered what made me think that. 

As I washed my hands, I had a quick vision of a road sign from Northern Ireland. The sign was written in Gaelic. Again, I was curious about why this flashed before my mind. 

I returned to my area in time for another memory to flash in front of me. Yesterday I had spent time with my granddaughters, Lorelai and Shalane. My daughter and I were helping them put colored powder on their hair, turning their once-blond hair to pinks, purples, and greens. Oh! To be six and a half and two and a half again, experiencing the colorful world through their eyes is simply magical.

I began to settle into my area when I heard the front door open. I looked up and saw Pete and Joyce. I laughed as I shared how I had just thought of them moments before. I love precognitive events like this; always such fun when validation occurs. 

I got myself comfortable in my lounge chair, and I closed my eyes. Pieces of conversations began to overlap and fade as I drifted into a deeper state of meditation. Roberta and Carmel were deep in discussion. I heard Rev. Bledsoe speaking with Linda. All of a sudden, I picked up two words: Ireland, Gaelic! I could only smile at another validation of this precognitive event. This seemed to be a cue for the messengers to begin.

Silence is golden. Step into the timeless nature of the divine. 

From above, in my mind’s eye, I saw tiny threads of energy float into the room like a gentle morning rain. 

What thread will you pick? This represents the Tapestry of Life. You are the one to choose the path you will take in this lifetime.

As I watched the slow-moving gossamer fibers and listened to the words about the “timeless” nature, I realized I had already stepped outside of the dimension of time when I thought of the Pete and Joyce—and then they were there—and when I “saw” Gaelic written—and then I heard conversations about it. 

This is what The Church of Spiritual Light is about. It embodies timeless wisdom, sacred knowledge. Its blessed walls bring the unimaginable into reality. We, indeed, step outside of time when we enter this consecrated space.

The vision began to change, and the drifting threads began to resemble tiny pieces of a spider’s web. I recalled the times that Rev. Bledsoe called spider the “medicine of the writer.” As these slow-motion filaments wafted from above, they began to cover my body, and soon I found myself wrapped like a chrysalis. 

Step into the past. Step into the future. Delve deeper into the present, the now. Take a deep breath and allow these tendrils of life to enfold upon you like a swaddled infant. Feel the love and the protection from Creator.

My thoughts returned to the chrysalis that had replaced my body that was still reclined in the lounge chair. I knew that within this cocoon, things were happening. There was a transformation. All of my vital energies were mixing, blending, combining, and recombining within this embryonic solution.

What will you do? What will you be? What path will you follow? Who will guide you? Your Truth awaits you.  

Step into the waters of transformation, transfiguration, transmutation.

With these last words, I had an epiphany: I realized those “threads” were, indeed, parts of the Tapestry of Life, for they represented DNA strands. I knew that healing occurred on many levels, but it is the intention that makes all things possible. I can grow a new nose. I can grow a new spine. Everything is open to me. Life is like the chrysalis that changes a caterpillar to a butterfly.

Set goals high and intentions even higher. Allow the energy of your Higher Self guide you to the path most sacred. Emerge from the cocoon, transformed into the beautiful soul that you are.

When our intentions are honorable and pure, guidance comes forth from Within. And, following this guidance, we can lay the foundation for transformation for not only ourselves, but for humankind as well. 

When the meditation ended, I helped put away the lounge chairs and the blankets. I then spoke to several people who I had not seen arrive. I could only smile when I saw the blond-haired woman who had colored the front part of her hair emerald green—the final piece of the puzzle.

Seeing Pete and Joyce? Seeing signs in Gaelic? Seeing brightly colored hair reminiscent of the fun I had had the previous day with my granddaughters?  So, what did all this mean? Did it mean anything at all? Was it all just coincidental? I cannot help but think that it’s all part of the mystery that we call life, but we have to open our eyes and ears to these magical events. And perhaps that is the message: look for the magic that’s all around. 


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