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February 15, 2019
Wellspring of Wellness: Meditation at Goddess I Am

I arrived thirty minutes early for the meditation and found a comfortable chair. Within moments, the magic started to happen. A deep well filled with a dark thick substance opened in the center of the room. As this formed in my mind’s eye, I began to hear puns about wells: This well was a wellspring of wellness, a deep well of wellbeing. Wellness comes from within.

Shall you not dip into this well? It is from Source. Be not distracted by the comings and goings around you. Look deep within and find that small spark at the Source. Like a diamond, this spark refracts light. Find the light within. Let your light shine where there might appear that there is no light. There is ALWAYS light. 

Let your wellspring of wellness burst forth like water from a dam. Allow wellness to wash over you and cleanse you to brighten your inner star. Allow goodness to permeate your mind, your soul. 

As these words entered my awareness, I experienced a heatwave that began at the top of my head and cascaded down my body until it reached my feet. It did not stop there; the energy continued deep into the center of the Earth. I looked like a volcano. My once-whole body had been reduced to a glowing pile of ashes. As the cinders from my energy body infiltrated the surrounding air, the smoldering vestiges of my once-whole body began to glow, making way for new growth. What shone forth was a new body. My carbon-based body had been replaced by a crystalline structure.

It is the heat of energy exchange. It is the heat of transformation. It is the heat of transmutation. 

As we connect with all that is around us, we open ourselves to the darkness of the void. As we dive into this well of darkness, we become one with the primordial sea of creation, of potentiality. This is where manifestation occurs: an interdimensional space between various states of awareness.

Be of clear mind. Be of clear spirit. Be of clear intent.

As I heard these words, I began to understand the prerequisites for manifestation. My initial vision of the tiny spark at the bottom of a deep well of darkness began to make sense: We needed to allow guidance to shine forth from within the dark shadows of potential. Let our clarity of purpose shine forth to bring the yet-to-be manifested energies into existence. 

It all begins with being grounded, balanced, and centered. 

My vision returned to the opening scene of the dense, dark, well-filled waters. As if on cue, a tiny spark of light began to glimmer at the bottom of the abyss. I saw movement and I watched in amazement as a plant emerged from the light. Deeply rooted and anchored in a rich foundation, the vine began to snake its way toward where I stood. Its growth continued upward, past the mouth of the opening until it stopped just before it reached the ceiling. 

Leaves began to grow from the stem, and the muddy, slick vine morphed into a lush, vibrant branch. A bud formed, and like a time-lapse movie, I watched as an enormous red rose emerged, birthed from the primordial waters below. Delicate petals blossomed into magnificence, and as subtle fragrance permeated the room, I felt humbled and a sense of awe washed over me. 

My initial message from Spirit (August 2013) entered my awareness. It, too, was a message about a flower and how a flower is a flow-er of energy. The flower/flow-er theme repeats itself with regularity, so it must be an important message for me. We are like flowers, flowing with the energy that comes our way. As we learn to fine-tune our awareness apparatus, will we choose the path of wisdom? Will see the light? Are we the light? I guess only time will tell. 


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