A New Messenger Arrives

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March 1, 2019
A New Messenger: Goddess I Am, Naples, FL

I sat in my chair and pulled out my journal to prepare for the meditation. As I wrote the date, March 1, the messages began to flow. Immediately, I realized this was a new messenger.

Newness, freedom, rebirth. As a new month is upon you, oh, ye children of the Earth, the illusion of time creeps in like a morning fog. Its true nature resides within a dimension in which Earthlings must abide. 

Clock time. Calendar time. Seasonal time. When to sow. When to reap. When to rise. When to bed. But the dimensional spaces found within this construct called time has a basis within the multiverse: patterns of energy underlie the concept, guiding the changes that are necessary for Earth life to occur and function within the density required for your existence.

We say to you to step deeper into time—to beyond the self-imposed limits set by the human mind. Use your intuition to release the chatter within your brain so that you may delve deeper into the true guidance that lies deep within that pool of true knowledge and wisdom. Know that this is your birthright. Know that you are love. The light, truth, and wisdom that lies deep within your soul is yours. It is your birthright. 

Receive these gifts that have always been yours. Open your heart to accept your birthright. Acceptance is the key.

Others entered into the room, and the meditation began. I was not surprised when much of the meditation was about accepting the gifts from spirit that were inherently ours. 

As the event came to a close and we prepared to leave, I could not help but wonder who this messenger was. The language was different, calling us “Earthlings” instead of  “humans” as I had become accustomed to hearing.

Regardless of who this new messenger was, I felt the power of the words. Each of us is born with eternal wisdom that resides deep within. As we go through life, hopefully we learn lessons. I wondered whether this was part of the process that allowed us a deeper look into our selves. Are life lessons the key to unmask our true nature?

With lessons learned comes an unburdening of problems. We realize what works and what only causes pain. As we traverse the seas of life, we release beliefs that no longer serve us. We begin to uncover the Truth that lies deep within, one layer at a time, by the life lessons we’ve learned. This process illuminates the path of our birthright: divine guidance.


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