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Goddess I Am Meditation: 10-26-18
A Star is Born

Minutes before the meditation began, as I sat in the room, I felt a little “edgy.” I soon found out why: the energy in the room was popping and snapping. It felt like a flurry of popcorn bursting through their hard shells. The energy in the room was lively, and soon the popcorn image was replaced with firecrackers and sparklers. 

Beth entered the room and I watched the energy immediately settle down. Before beginning the meditation, she went to each person and using a shaman’s rattle, she shook the rattle to loosen the energy around each person’s energy field. As this happened, I could only shake my head in disbelief as I realized I had just witnessed the effects of her snapping, popping rattle several minutes before it occurred in the physical dimension.

As she began the meditation, I saw a vision that I had previously had in September 2015. I saw hundreds of thousands of diamonds scattered on a black fabric that stretched for miles. I noticed movement from underneath, as if an invisible hand had pinched and tugged the material downward. In response to this gravitational pull, the diamonds rushed toward the center and spilled over the rim of the opening. They tumbled into the mouth of the black hole like water down a drain before they disappeared into the center of the vortex. Within moments, the clustered diamonds had created a brilliant single point of light, the singularity.

(A singularity is located deep in a gravity well at the center of a black hole. It is theorized that the Big Bang began with a singularity.)

(An event horizon is associated with a black hole. It is a boundary in space-time where gravity’s pull is so great, nothing can escape.)

As the meditation participants began deep breathing, the energy within the room settled even more. It became part of a natural flow, a gathering, a gathering of like souls.

As this vision played in my mind’s eye, I saw Glinda, the Good Witch from The Wizard of Oz. She spoke:

Everything is energy, but it is how we choose to use it that is most important. 

As Glinda spoke those words, I had a vision of Dorothy’s ruby red slippers. In my mind’s eye, I saw her tap her heels three times, and I heard her repeat this well-known phrase: There’s no place like home. Glinda spoke again:

You’ve had the power all along. It is time to step into your divinity, to take charge of your life, to pave the path of your future—one stone at a time. Each stone lays the foundation for the rest of your life. Step on your own path of divinity.

You have the power to begin anew, to redefine what was into what shall be. 

As the white light continued to pour into the gravity well, the singularity continued to pulse with brightness that was beyond anything my physical eyes have seen. I felt tingling in my feet; it was as if the soles of my feet were anchored deep into Earth by some powerful magnet. At the same time, my physical body began to disintegrate until it was nothing more than a diaphanous blend of sparks, loosely connected by a webbing. This “new me” began to gently blow in the wind while yet remaining securely anchored into the Earth. 

Although my body no longer had its physical shape, “I” still existed within this amorphous field. I felt the wind blowing throughout my cells, clearing and cleansing energy that needed to be healed. I realized I had approached the event horizon, and I was ready to embark on a new path of life. I had been given another chance at life. I had the ability to start fresh, start anew. I could redefine my life. Would I use this most divine opportunity? I certainly hoped so. 


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