Eye of the Tiger

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Before the meditation began, I saw a path carved out of a dense jungle or forest; it was inlaid with clear quartz crystals. I saw a white tiger walking stealthily on this trail as I heard the following:


This is a holy path, one that connects the spirit world with the physical world. Follow the tiger and step upon this path of wisdom. For those who are on this path have stepped into the timeless wisdom of the Garden of Eden. It is outside of time where ordinary is no longer ordinary. 


The eye of the tiger: follow the eye of the tiger.


As I glanced at the inlaid crystal path something changed. The jewels morphed from crystal clear to multi-colored. An understanding swept over me and I realized the path represented the chakras (energy centers) within the body. I had a knowing that humanity has only begun to understand the chakra system. It is much more complex than we can even imagine. As we evolve, so will our understanding of how to use these energy systems. 


Open those centers to allow healing and wisdom to enter. Let the tiger guide you on a path, your true path. Learn to step outside of your comfort zone. Embrace life to its fullest and see abundance and harmony in all things. 


With those words, I saw the head of the white tiger. As I gazed at it, a third eye made from an emerald appeared in his or her forehead. As this came into focus, the following message arrived:


Feel the power of the tiger, and know you are protected on your journey into awareness.


As these words poured forth, I felt significant amounts of energy on the top of my head, center of my forehead, at the bottoms of my feet, and in the palms of my hand, and I realized these points were the same as the stigmata. With that recognition, the following came:


Divine connection. There is connection to divinity, lighting that divine spark from within. This is needed in order to light the path of wisdom. 


Use your third eye to guide you so that you may find your truth.


At this point, I saw Glinda, the good witch from the Wizard of Oz. She raised her wand and then touched the dense vegetation that surrounded the crystal-embedded path. With that one touch, a sea of white spread forth, and the Garden of Eden transformed into a crystalline woodland that looked like it was from a Disney movie. Its beauty almost took my breath away.

What was my take-away from this? A white tiger with an emerald third eye? Chakras? Stigmata? Glinda from Wizard of Oz. I know I can search white tiger and find information that would be germane to me, but it may not be for you. I suspect each of us have our own meaning to these symbols, and perhaps that is the message, the take-away.


We each have our own paths of wisdom, based on our individual energy system. We must follow our own paths. The paths of wisdom lie within but is guided by divine sources that we may or may not recognize. Although we may not always see the divine forces guiding us, doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Learning to trust that we are protected during our spiritual journeys can lead us on paths that will forever enrich our lives. 


Find your own Truth. Find your own path of wisdom and allow that to lead you on an adventure you will cherish for the rest of your lives.  



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