The Eye of the Camera

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The Eye of the Camera
Goddess I Am: 12-14-2018

A camera lens captures energy, but it never gives us the full picture. This is what I learned at my meditation at Goddess I Am in December 2018. 

A few moments before the meditation began, the messages started to flow:

December 14, 2018
Open your eyes to the truth that lies within, for you are all one, yet individuated aspects of the whole. As your eyes open, you learn to perceive through the lens that is most appropriate for you. It is a snapshot in time and is targeted to you and what you need or are able to receive.

As you connect to spirit, this allowing and flowing clears the path for more to arrive. Use your breath to cleanse and clear your vision. As you learn to open the aperture of the soul, you connect with divine source. 

Live in that breath. Allow and accept all that is good to enter your holy vessel. Things will begin to change. Allow and look for the wisdom beyond what words can convey. Look at things differently, through a different lens. With each peek you begin to see more.

As this message entered my awareness, I had a vision of a slow-moving camera lens. As the aperture opened, a stream of energy entered, and I understood that this energy provided the “snapshot” the messengers referenced. This opening would create what would become this picture in time. 

The scenario repeated, but now with hundreds of camera lenses that opened and shut. They moved in all directions until the picture represented a 360-degree, three-dimensional aspect. I wondered if this represented enlightenment.

I had a memory of the blind men who were trying to describe an elephant. Each accurately described what they felt, but the truth was revealed only after all the individual pictures had combined. Truth lies in the whole picture. The message continued:

The eyes are the windows to the soul, and as your vision clears, you are allowing a bit of grace to trickle down, like a coat of soothing salve to treat an open wound. It is cooling, protective, and healing. 

The meditation was in full swing as Beth guides us to a library where we were to pick a book that told about ourselves. As I opened a volume, I saw myself as a being of light. I had an understanding that I had come from another planet. With this realization, I heard “the Pleiades.” I was neither male nor female but having aspects of both genders. I was known for my caring nature, always wishing to help those in need. I heard “Welcome home.” My mission in that lifetime was to help open the eyes of those on the Earth plane, to help them realize they are more than their physical bodies. To let them know that divine grace flows through them. My purpose to was help them recognize their innate divinity. I was helping to bring together people for a common purpose: to experience life through their many incarnations on Earth, to understand they are part of the whole, part of all that is. 

Your body cannot tolerate too much energy at one time. It is not physically capable of doing so. But, as you allow more divinity to flow within, your tolerance for that energy increases. The end result: wisdom. 

As this message arrived, so did another vision, apparently another incarnation from my Book of Life. I saw myself standing in front of a mirror, and I was a large black cat from ancient Egyptian times! A crown of gold was perched between my ears. I did not see my entire body, so I did not know whether I was literally a cat or an Egyptian Cat Goddess. Either way, I was surprised when I saw my reflection. As if in response to my feelings of shock, the messengers replied:

Why be surprised with this, Dear One, for you are part of all that is—oceans, trees, animals—not just the human race. You are part of the past, the present, the future. As you learn to travel on a divine path, what defines you begins to melt away, and you become one with all. This is the timeless nature of Soul. 


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