As I stepped on the beach for a morning walk, I saw a beautiful rainbow. Immediately, a message came that I wanted to share with everyone: 

August 14, 2019
Do you not see the wisdom of the rainbow? Do you not see the promise that has been given since Biblical times? It is the promise of unity, the promise of oneness.
The rainbow brings a different perspective to light. It calls forth the invisible to the visible realm, producing the sacred arc of the rainbow. 
The colors within the rainbow are defined, yet they are still only one. They operate in unison, not as separate energies that veer in different directions, but as one, as the integration of all there is.
A new light is coming upon the Earth plane, and it is changing the world as you know it. But like the prism that brings the rainbow into view, you also need a new perspective. Think not of the discord and disharmony in the world that surrounds you but learn to view life with a different lens. 
The Truth lies in your path. Breathe deeply, dear ones, and bring hope and light back into your existence. Know that true magic lies at the end of the rainbow where the past melds with the future and duality no longer exits. This is where humanity travels together for a common good, a common goal.
Life up thine eyes and see the beauty that surround you. Embrace this truth. 


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