Lily Pad

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Lily Pad
Goddess I AM
September 6, 2019

Just before the meditation began, the room transformed into a pond filled with lily pads. You could traverse the pond by jumping from one to another. From the surface, they looked to be separate, but beneath told another story. Their large roots are all connected to the same source, the rich, nutrient-filled bottom.

September 6, 2019
Humans are like the lily pads, floating in a divine space that is connected to Source energy. As they allow divine guidance to flow, they access this Source. But many only perceive the top layer of the water, and they think they are separate. Many do not recognize the guidance nor the unity of all.
As humans float in the sea of Guidance, they access Source. They go with the flow and that flow guides them. That it the way of Guidance: It will lead you to an optimal spot. It will put you where you need in order to access what you need in relationships, healing, energy, that prime energy that speaks to your soul. 

As those words flowed into my awareness, my perspective changed to above the waters. I could see individual lily pads drifting, perhaps in response to the wind. One turned and stopped. It then turned its edges upward, toward the sunlight. I realized it was, as the messenger said, arraigning itself in a position to receive the best guidance.   

The green of the lily pad reflects the healing energies that are now infiltrating your planet, strengthening your planet’s own resources. She, too, grants the will of the others who will bring light into this world to help her evolve.
Never underestimate the power of spirit, the power of connection, the power of Gaia as she works her magic through the divine will of the Great One.

I saw a stream of pure white light coming from above. It reached through the pond and connected with a crystal core, deep in the belly of Mother Earth. 

Trust. Go with the flow. Recognize the unity upon your planet. Don’t judge anything, for with judgment comes misjudgment. 

A jeweled chest appeared before me. As I opened it, streams of platinum and gold light drifted upward. Within these currents of light, ribbons of pink and green energy began to intertwine. They wove back and forth, giving form like a piece of fabric. The cascade of energy now resembled a bolt of loosely woven material. 
The pink and green colors made me smile. Those are the colors I see when angels appear, so I understood this transformation of the light was guided by angelic forces, and I knew these lights were connected to the divine. 
The material came toward me and covered my body like a loosely fitting glove. 

This represents another step through the Veils of Forgetfulness that you entered upon your birth on this planet. With this divine matrix, you can begin to upload your consciousness, as many ascended masters of your past have done. 
This divine light is always connected to Creator Source. As you upload to this matrix, the aches and pains of your physical body will soften and drop away from your awareness. 

Upload your consciousness? Great. I will definitely use this tool again! It sounds like it will help maintain a closer connection to the nonphysical, perhaps the angel realm. I’m eager to try to access it again. 
The angels have shared with me information about the “Veil of Forgetfulness.” When we enter the Earth Life System, we pass through this veil. All knowledge dissipates so we can enter this new world with a blank slate. We start over and learn the lessons we had planned before we came.
Once again, a relatively simple vision accompanied the message. But that simplicity is profound because it makes their message so easy to understand and remember. Sometimes that is how Guidance is. It’s not necessarily complex; sometimes is simply a matter of letting go of the chatter that often runs through our minds and, instead, listening to your heart. What feels right? Sometimes it’s all about allowing, letting that inner wisdom shine forth. Trust your heart. Trust what you know is right. That often will guide you to discover your inner wisdom. It’s always been there. We just need to learn to recognize it.


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