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Church of Spiritual Light
Grandmother Wisdom

I arrived early for the Reiki/crystal bowls meditation. The cots surround the bowls in the middle of the room, and for some reason, I was drawn to a different area from where I usually nest. I settled into my cot with extra blankets and pillows I’d brought from home.
Just before the mediation began, a blanket of pure white energy floated from above and covered the room. It looked like antique lace with a very detailed and intricate lacy pattern as it slowly drifted over the cots and crystal bowls. I knew this ethereal cover was waiting to bathe everyone in loving energy from the highest source. 
The bottoms of my feet began to tingle, and I automatically began taking deep breaths. I saw these angelic white cottony fibers from the blanket enter my lungs. The energy seeped deep into the tissues of my lungs, coating them with a protective membrane.
The blanket began to sink into the rest of my body. It entered my pores, sinking deeper into my skin, through my muscles and organs until it entered my skeletal system. The blanket now covered every section of me, but it was more than that. It had become a part of me. 
Within a few moments, the top of my head began to prickle and buzz. In my mind’s eye, a thin cotton fiber began to twist and turn as it exited my head. It reminded me of the thread from a spinning wheel. This divine energy that had permeated my entire body had not left, but part of it exited to connect me with something else. Was it to the other participants? Was it to the divine? I did not know, but simply observed as it occurred. 
I smelled talcum powder and for whatever reason, I thought of grandmothers. With that thought, I heard that the ancient wisdom of the Grandmothers had entered. I heard that this energy was generational, healing not only current ailments, but those from previous generations. This was a cultural and generational healing, that was also related to the energy of Mother Earth. A message began:

September 16, 2019
Tread softly upon this Earth. Make way for the energy of the grandmothers, for Grandmother’s wisdom permeates this divine space.
Listen within your heart for the distant call of Grandmother, for we are here. We await your beck and call. Know we live within and shall make our presence known to those with the eyes to see, the ears to hear, the heart to understand. 

I remained motionless as Reverend Bledsoe began playing the bowls and Linda and Maribel began administering the healing Reiki energies. As they worked on each participant, I had several whiffs of sour, putrid smells, and I realized this represented the release of dis-eased energy from us. This, indeed, was a powerful healing session.
While lying still, I had a vision of myself deep within a forest. The musky scent of pine trees permeated the air as I walked barefooted on the cool, mossy ground. A large patch of green moss seemed to call to me. I crossed my ankles and nimbly folded my legs to sit on this divine cushion of moss. I took a deep breath then leaned back against a tall pine tree. 
My slow-motion recline did not stop as my back reached the tree trunk. I continued falling back until my entire body had been absorbed by the tree. As the tree swallowed my physical body, I no longer existed, yet I was still here. I realized I had come full circle. 
What did this mean? At the beginning of the meditation, ethereal energy from above had permeated my body; it had become part of my makeup. In the end, the tree had absorbed my essence into itself. Yet, I was still me.
And, isn’t this what spirit is? We are all energy. We are all one. We often perceive of ourselves as separate, but that simply isn’t true. We are all one.
I was interested in the Grandmother wisdom, so I searched online, and this quote caught my attention: “When the grandmothers speak, the world will be healed.”[1]The Grandmother’s words of wisdom transcends time. 
Perhaps she is calling you as well as me. Isn’t it time to shift our perspectives and learn to view the world through the eyes of unity, through the eyes of energy, through the eyes of spirit, through the eyes of love? 
We are all one on this marvelous planet. We are more alike than we are different, not just with people, but with all living things. Isn’t it time we all come together for the healing of consciousness, the healing of our Earth, the healing of our hearts? I hope so. 



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