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Goddess I Am
Grids of Light
January 3, 2020

The energy in the room reminded me of the frenzy of popcorn over a hot stove. Kernels of energy were flying about, all in different directions as if seeking a niche. 
I stopped journaling when Stewie trotted into the room. It was his second visit of the day, but this time he was insistent on speaking with me. As he sat on his hind haunches and looked up at me with his soulful eyes, I realized he was asking for help.
He told me that he had been having trouble in his hip area, and sometimes he could not jump on the ottoman without pain. I began petting him from the top to his head, down his back, and through his tail. As I did, he slowly closed his eyes, and I understood my actions alleviated some of his pain. 
After a few minutes, he looked at me, licked his lips, then returned to his human mama, who was in the front of the shop. (The next week, his person mama confirmed Stewie had a recurring cyst on his left hip, resulting in chronic, intermittent pain. She volunteered he was better. I told her about my session with him, and she confirmed that it was when he had improved.)
As Stewie trotted out the door, I returned to my journaling. Within seconds, a message arrived:
January 3, 2020
Lines are being drawn, like ley lines. Pathways shall be lit, showing you the way. Others may seek you and follow you, yet others may drop away, for it is their own path they must follow. This is a new year and a new choice. 
Allow each breath to fill you with light. This light runs through the meridians of the energy body, lighting your own path, that path specific to you. With this comes entrainment as it connects to the external network of light, the grid of light.
Subtle energy bodies will become brighter. Trust. This new year is a year of trust in the vibrational frequencies that surround you. Walk forward, one step at a time, allowing True Guidance to light your way.  
I had a vision of hot lava, streaming down the volcano's steep sides. As the lava flowed, it trenched the landscape, creating paths of glowing, liquid light. In reference to my vision, the message continued:
This is like the pathway of the heart. This is the year of guidance. Walk without fear. Walk with abandon. Walk without hesitation. Believe in the light that lives within your soul. For it is a living entity, filled with life force energy.
As you become enlightened, these subtle clues become apparent, but you need to take that first step. Trust in your heart and step forward on the path of the divine—your divinity. Step into that light that you are and embrace it from the love within your heart. 
Others had now gathered, and the meditation began. Beth had us start with deep, purposeful breaths. As I did so, the soles of my feet became extremely hot. A picture flashed in my mind's eye: hot lava rising from deep within Earth's core. Another message began: 
The real connection begins with the sacred communion with the Spirit of Mother Earth.
With those words, I saw two luminous grids: one embedded a few feet within Earth's surface, the other surrounding Earth's atmosphere. As I took another deep breath, a third grid appeared. This one encompassed my physical body. 
From a birds' eye perspective, I looked with amazement and wonder at the gridwork around my body. My intuitive knowing kicked in, and I understood I could scan my body to perceive areas that needed attention. Any dull sections would become brighter by sending healing and loving energy to it.
I realized this grid surrounding my body must be part of the light that travels through the meridians of the energy body that the messengers had spoken about. Was it the grid of light that's connected to the external network of light from my vision?
As we become more enlightened, we can find ourselves outside of our comfort zones. As we traverse new territory, we need to trust the guidance within our hearts. Does this feel right? Is it for my higher good? Does this make my heart sing? 
If so, then use this emotional guidance system to propel you forward. Use your instinctual spiritual support and supervision to lead you to a life of wisdom, love, and compassion. 
May we each be blessed this new year.


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