Hindsight: A New Beginning


Over the course of a few short weeks in early 2020, life as we had known it disappeared. The novel coronavirus swept our planet, wreaking havoc in its wake. As the disease became a pandemic, fear spread across the Earth as countries issued lockdown orders. Unless deemed an essential worker, the law mandated us to go inside.
Going inside is what would save us. I'm not referring to the wisdom and data from the scientists and medical communities. Certainly, sheltering in place reduces the spread of COVID-19, but this is the same advice from our angels and guides.
Seven years had passed since my spontaneous opening to the unseen world of the nonphysical, and I had become accustomed to conversing with angels, guides, and many others who inhabit their realms. Now it's easy to make those statements; after all, I had compiled reams of countless messages I'd verified through after-the-fact research. At the time, however, it wasn't easy; it challenged me. Although my training as a psychologist had taught me to trust only what I could measure with my physical senses, the data I collected transformed me from skeptic to believer. More than that, I’ve learned to follow the advice of my nonphysical friends.
As I look at our world in May 2020, the messengers I've trusted have told me to go within; that is where we will find answers. The angels said the pandemic represents a reset for Gaia, the spirit of Mother Earth. Now is a time to embrace unity.
As we sink into the silence of our hearts, we realize we stand on the precipice of this new post-pandemic landscape. We are like butterflies, preparing to emerge from our chrysalises into a new horizon. A year ago, the angels said humanity was at a tipping point as our planet prepared to enter a cycle that would raise her vibrations into higher dimensional realms.
There's no handbook to navigate these unprecedented times. But as we teeter on the brink of this new world, we're not left to our own devices. The angels are here to assist.
It won't happen immediately; it will happen in stages. As we cross the post-pandemic threshold, some will move into the new frequencies faster than others, becoming the trailblazers for us to follow.
These higher vibrations will thin the veils between the physical and nonphysical worlds, and many will begin to connect to the realms of angels and guides. We'll understand our relationships to all living things as we seek the cosmic memories that had united us since before time existed. We will embrace humanity as one; we are family, linked as brothers and sisters across the globe.
Throughout the past seven years, I’ve seen a pattern unfold from the messages. Overarching themes of unity, transformation, and hope emerge, but more recently, there have been indications of a change coming to our Earth. I've heard a clarion call for action as our planet enters an evolutionary phase of transformation.
Many messages from both this and my first book, The Reluctant Messenger~Tales from Beyond Belief, become more relevant and significant when viewed through the lens of the COVID-19 pandemic. These are no longer simply philosophical messages wrapped in poetic language, hinting at evolutionary changes. The events they foretold are happening now, in real time.
Yet we are not alone. The messengers advise us, showing us roadmaps to navigate during these unprecedented times. They speak of their continual guidance, preparing us to cross the threshold into the future.
I offer an example: In mid-August 2019, a storm had whipped through the area during the wee hours of the morning, but by seven, crisp blue skies had replaced the dark clouds and wind. The weather was ideal for a beach walk. As I stepped on the rain-soaked sand, my eye caught a beautiful rainbow arcing across the quiet waters of the Gulf of Mexico.
I felt the gentle nudge from the nonphysical realm, so I opened my phone to record the message. There was wisdom in the words they shared, but a more significant meaning emerged in May 2020, as I was preparing this manuscript for publishing.
The August 2019 message indicated our world would undergo a significant change. Little did we know a few months later, an insidious respiratory disease from across the planet was about to change our lives. Amid global lockdowns, fear is rampant, and anxieties skyrocket as the death toll rises. As unemployment surges, panic fills the hearts of many. The messenger had been right; these events changed the world as we knew it.
But there is hope. We are not alone; the angels are here to guide us. Life is a web of events, woven across the fabric of time with actions overlaid by circumstances. Does our past determine our future? The angels urge us to look at life through a changed perspective, one where humanity can travel together for the common good. Let's not let the narrow thinking of others chart our path. Let us work together to weave hope and truth into the tapestry of our lives as we prepare to enter these unknown territories of a post-pandemic world.
I invite you to hear the words of the angels as they spoke of these things, months before our world changed:

August 14, 2019
Do you not see the wisdom of the rainbow? Do you not see the promise that has been given since Biblical times? It is the promise of unity, the promise of oneness.
The rainbow brings a different perspective to light. It calls forth the invisible to the visible realm, producing the sacred arc of the rainbow. The colors within it are defined, yet they are still only one. They operate in unison, not as separate energies that veer in different directions, but as one, as the integration of all there is.
A new light is coming upon the Earth plane, and it is changing the world as you know it. But like the prism that brings the rainbow into view, you also need a new perspective. Think not of the discord and disharmony in the world that surrounds you but learn to view life with a different lens.
The truth lies in your path. Breathe deeply, Dear Ones, and bring hope and light back into your existence. Know that true magic lies at the end of the rainbow where the past melds with the future, and duality no longer exists. This is where humanity travels together for the common good, a common goal.
Lift up thine eyes and see the beauty that surrounds you. Embrace this truth.

As Mother Earth transitions, she brings us new light. We can huddle in the darkness of fear or choose the light of introspection. Will we lift our eyes and see the promise of a new world, a better world? Will we come into alignment and travel as one into this new horizon? I certainly hope so.
C. S. Lewis said, “You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.” Will we do that now? Will the foresight of the angels offer us the 2020 vision of hindsight? Years from now, I hope we’ll look at life on our marvelous blue-green planet and know we made the right choices, and that 2020 was, indeed, the year of perfect vision.


  1. We can only hope. I asked Self-Realization Fellowship if this was the time Paramahansa Yogananda prophesied about that there would be a revolution. The President of SRF, in his opening remarks of this year's Convocation, said, "It depends. It depends on if we learn our lessons. If not, then it will happen again, until we learn them."


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