Kelly Stoks' Thursday's Chat--Ladder of Enlight...

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Candice is the guest speaker for Energy Coach Kelly Stoks' Thursday's Chat session. This is a weekly session with timely topics, speakers, and book discussions to nourish the soul and up-level your life experience. Candice takes the viewers on a trip back in time to experience one of her encounters with the world of spirit: a Ladder of Enlightenment. Candice's second book, The Reluctant Messenger Returns, was released earlier this year and was an immediate Amazon bestseller. This book explores interactions with higher frequency beings known as angels. The channeled messages are filled with great wisdom and hope. Prior to having these spiritual experiences, Candice was living a "normal" human existence as an analytical school psychologist. Her daily life now is packed full of extraordinary adventures that are well outside of what most consider "normal."


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