Side Effects of Fun

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Fun is fun, right? But, are you aware of the side effects of having fun? While frolicking in the waves at the beach or playing tag with the kids, your brain floods your body with neurochemicals that make you feel great. But there’s more. Being in a state of admiration, appreciation, love, and laughter also affects your energy body. Your energy body is your signature; it’s unique to just you; it’s how people recognize you. When we think of another person, we don’t just picture their physical body in our minds. We think of their essence which is their nonphysical body—their energy body. Our energy body is also our primary connection to the nonphysical; it’s how our angels and guides recognize us. As we embrace higher vibrational frequencies, we shine. Yes, we literally shine. We are all energy beings and how we choose to use our energy will define us. It is the light that shines on the path for us to follow. Don’t you want your path to be lit with laughter and love? I do!


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