Lucid Dreaming

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“Learning to manipulate within the dream state is a valuable tool for future use. Because of the density of the Earth plane, many humans are not aware of the power they have as creators. If there is something that is not appealing to them, they have the ability to change it. Within the dream state, they begin to practice changing that which does not resonate with them. “Manipulating matter within the dream state is an opportunity to practice in a neutral environment where judgment and ego do not interfere with potential. As the human becomes adept at manipulating matter within the nonphysical world of dreams, they carry this skill set with them, not only in other nonphysical explorations but also in the world of form.” ~The Messengers As dreamers pierce the interdimensional veil to the world of nonphysical, they enter a neutral zone. The dreamers are still aware while in that area; they are still connected to their physical bodies. Within this zone, they can begin to practice. We can learn to face our fears, reach our potential, and dream our lives into existence. This is a safe space, allowing us to practice manipulating energy. If we’ve not yet mastered the skills of out-of-body exploration or astral traveling, lucid dreaming can lay the foundation for allowing us to practice. Follow Candice Sanderson: Website: YouTube: TRM Unleashed: Spiritual Conversations: Instagram: Amazon The Reluctant Messenger: Amazon The Reluctant Messenger Returns: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn:


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