Wisdom of the Heart

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“But there is no beginning; there is no ending. There is only now. Be within the sweet stillness of this moment, for within this moment is where wisdom resides. “Wisdom, my child, is your birthright. As each human child is born upon the Earth plane, they possess inherent qualities. One of those qualities is wisdom. It lies within the heart space, for that is the connection to spirit. “As your planet continues her evolution, humans begin their instinctual return to wisdom and guidance. They are now in what appears to be chaotic times, but we say this is a step in the right direction. This is part of the process of letting go of beliefs that do not serve them. This is a time of revolution. “Our meaning of the word revolution is different from your interpretation. Things are evolving, turning, rotating. They are revolving around change. As your planet revolves and evolves, a cyclical change occurs. She is returning to a state of higher vibrations, a state of purity. In order to move in this direction, belief systems must evolve. Older beliefs slip away, making room for different beliefs. “Many humans may consider these replacement beliefs as “newer,” but we say they are not new. These replacement beliefs are the result of the uncovering and discarding of older material. It allows the brightness to shine forth. It uncovers your birthright.” ~The Messengers


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