The Reluctant Messenger Unleashed Episode 6: Chapter 2, Part 2

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In part 2 of Chapter 2, Donna and Candice continue their discussion of Chapter 2, Good Vibrations. With each connection to the nonphysical world of energy, Candice discusses how her energy field changed, allowing for a better vibrational match with the messengers. This resulted in open and clear communication. Knowledge is power, and that can change us. As our awareness change, it allows us to navigate what had been unknown territory. The Emotional Guidance System, through the energy of the heart, opens to the energy systems of the nonphysical. All frequencies carry information, and when you learn to use your heart (Emotional Guidance System), you open the door for discernment. You allow more information to flow into your awareness. Everything is energy: thoughts, emotions, information. If you view the world through the lens of energy, you demystify the experiences with the nonphysical. It’s not magical…it’s just energy. Tesla was correct: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” ~Nikola Tesla


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