The Reluctant Messenger Unleashed Episode 18: Ch 7, Stampede

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Donna and Candice discuss Chapter 7, Stampede. This is a fascinating chapter filled with surprising validations. You won't want to miss this episode.

White Buffalo


I remember the vision as if it were yesterday: groups of people and angels entering the room through a portal swirling at the ceiling, a white buffalo calf, and messages about the energy requirements for miracles. More pictures flooded into my awareness, but what was the meaning of these strange and detailed images?

After the meditation ended, I took a deep breath and pushed through my tendency to remain silent. By sharing my experience, a greater truth unfolded, opening the doors to the nonphysical a little wider. I stepped into a world of timeless wisdom, truth, and knowledge.




It was October 2015, only two years had passed since my spontaneous opening to the world of the nonphysical—those realms where angelic whispers guided my life. The nudges from my nonphysical team of advisors had become almost commonplace. After observing, documenting, and authenticating hundreds of messages, I was beginning to trust the information. These ideas not only changed how I lived, but they altered my definition of life. 

Before that time, my training as a psychologist had taught me what to trust: the world of the physical. I defined everything in a materialistic way. If I couldn’t measure something with my senses, it didn’t exist—at least not in my world. 

This view fits snuggly in my belief system; it was well within my comfort zone. Anything existing outside of the world of physicality was wishful thinking. Or, as my training as a psychologist had taught me, it was due to pathology. 

I continued to live my life in that visible, tangible world of science until 2013 during an early morning commute. That’s when I accidentally stepped outside of this world of physicality and into the realms of energy. Without meaning to, I had taken a deep dive into a dimension that some call spirit.

I discovered some of the mysteries and magic that surround us, echoing the truth behind Nicola Tesla’s famous quote about the secrets of the universe.  I began to define everything in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration. 

Once I began viewing the world through the lens of energy, I started connecting those dots about life that had been so elusive. Although learning to sense energy changed my understanding of many things, I wasn’t prepared for my experiences at this crystal bowl/Reiki event in 2015. 

What I thought would be a quiet and reflective meditation turned out to be anything but that. Little did I know I was about to step into a timeless dimension where a powerful cultural icon from the Lakota Sioux Nation would appear: White Buffalo.

I invite you to join me on this unforgettable journey. Listen to the uncanny synchronicities and connections to the greater world of spirit. Let us lead you across the sands of time as we unleash the stories behind Stampede from The Reluctant Messenger Unleashed Podcast.


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