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Revisiting the past brings new perspectives. Watch as I share a message from October 2013 (see below), and learn how the element of time can change our views. 

October 17, 2013

We come from the stars, all of us. That is your Source. That is why you see the sparkles, especially when combined with light. Light is the key ingredient of Life. Light is what allows us to shine and to open and to be an energy connection to Source. We are in our dense bodies, and we often forget the original source from which we came.

Be a Light, be a beacon to those around you. By emulating the source and shining, you will attract into your life that which is clean and pure. By remaining “crystal” clear, you will begin to flow and ascend to the states for which you were meant to be. It is good that you are able to recognize a small piece of your Source in so many things that you see in the Earth plane. Continue to do so, continue to be that beacon for others as well as for yourself. For it is only through the purity of your energy system that clarity will come to you as well as through you. 

This is why many of your people say “Reach for the Stars” when talking about achieving goals. This is a goal of returning Home, of returning to the Source, but also of returning to what is important to you. “Reaching for the Stars” is a way of reaching back to the Source and knowing that you are achieving in the direction you need to achieve. It is “going with the flow.” It is aligning your energy with the crystalline, clear, pure energy of what you once were. 

This is why there is often excitement when you hear the words, “Reach for the Stars.” On a deeper, energetic level, there is recognition of this (stars) being your Source. Be thankful that you are able to see tiny aspects of that source just by looking. Many have not recognized that and you did not recognize that for many years. Let that be a reminder to you of the connection to Source that is always there for you. Let that be a reminder of what your goals are. Know that it is perfect alignment on an energetic basis to “Reach for the Stars.” 

“Reaching for the Stars” allows your energy to flow, and it will automatically rise and connect to Source. Think of the Source as gravity. It is a force that is always there and always affecting you, but you do not think of it. As you let go and allow, your energy, when it remains pure, will always gravitate towards that source.

Smile and be happy. When you have the energy of gratitude and happiness, that is another way to reach for the stars for it is the higher, more subtle energy of these positive emotions that will guide you in that direction. That good feeling you have inside when you are happy or in love is part of your emotional guidance system that is a cue to you to realize that you are, indeed, on the right track. Be aware of that emotion and give gratitude that you have it and, thus, now you have an even a fuller understanding of what that means. It is another way of eliminating the energy blockages that you have and allowing you to flow back to the Source. 

Everything is energy. That energy impacts everything about you. Be aware of it, for it is certainly aware of you. Acknowledge it and your awareness will increase and help guide you in directions never dreamed possible before. 

Smile. That is what enjoying life is all about. As you go through your life and you are happy, you know that you are certainly on the right track, leading your direction correctly by way of returning to the source of purity. 


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