What's Real?


What’s real? What’s imaginary? My training had taught me to distinguish between the two. For most people, “real” and “imaginary” are mutually exclusive events, existing on parallel paths. For healthy and balanced people, those lines don’t cross. If they did, well, my phone would start ringing.

As a psychologist, I was assumed to be the expert on reality. After all, I had been trained to distinguish between an active imagination versus those deep, dark musings of the thought-disordered world of psychoses. 

All that changed on August 28, 2013, the day the world of the nonphysical crossed the threshold into my normal existence. I would never be the same. As my belief system crumbled beneath me, it made room for a grander view, a new perspective; my Truth shifted.

Having dipped my toes in the reality of cosmic consciousness, I now exist in a different world. I straddle dimensions with one foot grounded in 3-D life while the other anchors me in the beautiful, often-mystical, realms of what I’ve learned to accept as Truth.

It’s the world of the nonphysical, the world where our true essence lies. It’s a place we enter each night as we close our eyes and become untethered from our 3-D life. This is the magical place where we enter an other-dimensional space of spirit.  

In my first book, The Reluctant Messenger, I describe our dreams as doorways to magical realms that have the potential to bring positive change for humanity. As we step into our divine nature, we learn to manifest our lives; we dream our world into existence. 

Within the dreamscape, we tap into the boundless energy of all that is, making the impossible possible. So, dream away! Step into true wisdom. Bask in those higher vibrational frequencies during your dreams and return with wisdom and insight to help humanity. 

Dream on!




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