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Church of Spiritual Light Crystal Bowl, Reiki Meditation: August 6, 2018 After arriving at the Church of Spiritual Light for their twice monthly crystal bowl/Reiki meditation, I went to use the restroom before it began. As I was washing my hands, I had a vision of a gigantic yellow sun. Against this large yellow ball in the sky, I saw a tiny silhouette of black bird, soaring. Although the bird was miniscule compared to the size of the sun, I knew it was a black crow. I rushed back to my the meditation circle so I could begin to document the experience that I knew was a precursor to the upcoming event. My perspective changed and soon the crow was huge, in fact, larger than a person. While standing just in front of this bright yellow sun, it began to flap its wings. As he beat his wings, it fanned the hot sun, like fanning a fire. I noticed the yellow sun began to take on a reddish color; it looked like hot coals. I received a message about the blood color