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Eye of the Storm Video and Blog Post

Video: Eye of the Storm; click READ MORE to launch the Video This message was from January 24, 2020. As I review it through the eyes of Covid-19, it takes on more meaning. Little did I know how appropriate this January message would become as I view it through the eyes of Covid-19. It’s all about accepting the energy of change, that change from the eye of the storm. It’s about learning how to use this energy.  Change allows for new vibrational paths which seems so appropriate now.  The messengers said the energy of change is alive and to think of it as a moving, living entity. They said this energy of change “goes hand-in-hand with the new world, this new universe that 2020 brings.” That statement brought cold chills through my body, for this is a new world, a new universe. Our planet is in a pattern of change. Gaia, the Spirit of Mother Earth, has hit a reset button and we will emerge into a new dimensional space. She is in control of this, but our survival depends on followi