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Stepping Through Spirit's Door: You Hold the Key

Click READ MORE to launch the video. Have you noticed the recent uptick? It seems each week, more people are connecting to the 5D.  There are more psychics, mediums, and channelers, and each has found the key to the realms of spirit.    In this episode, Candice shares her early experiences of channeling. You'll hear directly from the messengers as they shine a light on these early days.   Stay tuned to learn more.

The Reluctant Messenger Throwback Series 8: Reclaiming Your Power

Click READ MORE to launch the video. A message from October 2013 was a reminder of the value of being present. Being present allows you to be a clear channel, a conduit, for energy to flow from Source. It is within these moments of stillness that we connect to the sacred. This is when we hear those whispers from spirit that guide us throughout the day.   Candice learned a powerful lesson when the messengers said, “ Measurement of your worth is dependent upon how much love you give to yourself. ”

Trust but Verify: How Mind Mirror Verifies Out-of-Body Adventures

Click READ MORE to launch the video What if I told you that we could prove out-of-body states, that is wasn't wishful thinking? Stay tuned to  Trust but Verify as I discuss my experiences at Monroe Institute's Discovery program where we did just that--using the brain to demonstrate how the mind works.  Using state-of-the-art EEG monitoring, we saw brainwave changes as they correlated with different states of consciousness. As a psychologist, this scientific data makes me smile. No longer having to second guess our journeys into those 5D realms, we had EEG data to prove Bob Monroe's affirmation that we are more than our physical bodies.