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Universal Soul Love Presents - The Global Peace Teleconference Event wit...

Click READ MORE to launch the video. I was honored to be a guest speaker at the Global Peace Teleconference in August 2021. 

The Reluctant Messenger Unleashed Episode 23: Ch 11, In the Beginning, P...

Click READ MORE to launch the video. Donna and Candice unleash the final chapter, In the Beginning. In the first segment of this two-part video, Candice takes us on an adventure that pales in comparison to her other extraordinary journeys. That's saying something! Buckle up and hang on tight as Donna and Candice take us the most exciting venture yet: witnessing creation.

The Reluctant Messenger Throwback Series 4: Laser Focused Energy Healing

Click READ MORE to launch the video. I share a message from October 2013. The messengers describe how to use laser-focused energy during healing sessions. Focusing on the root of the problem is just the beginning. We can work with our clients to help determine the original cause of the dis-ease, the blockage. Energy healing affects more than just the client, it affects the healer. That's understandable, but it surprised me when the messengers shared the other recipient in the healing process. Stay tuned to hear more.  

The Reluctant Messenger Unleashed Episode 23: Pt 2, Ch. 10, I Dreamed a ...

Click READ MORE to launch the video. Join host Donna Rebadow​  as we wrap up Chapter 10, I Dreamed a Dream, from our YouTube virtual book club. Moving from the beginner to the intermediate Dream Seed class, we discuss how dream material doesn't only occur during sleep. It can spill over into the waking state as part of an energy adjustment required to help navigate farther into the dimension of dreams. We learn about thought-generated travel: allowing the energy of thoughts to help us travel in dreams and other meditative states.